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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Thessalonians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 9, 10) To rest yourself from the belief in sin you must return your mind to who you are. Therefore I urge you, stay in tune with your peace. Whenever it is interrupted, know it is interrupted by the belief in sin. Know that sin is only forgetfulness, and seek to remember who you are with your brothers.

As you remember who you are, you remember that Love is all there is. You may then rest in confidence and let the effects of sin pass through your mind in peace and without acceptance, because you have remembered that sin is not possible in a world where separation is not real.

(v 11, 12) Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, because a quiet life is a godly life in which you hold, within your mind, that the process of life is God. In this way, you hold to the awareness of Love. As you hold to this awareness, you extend it to the brothers who are it along with you.

(v 13 - 18) Death is the effect of sin, but sin is not real. It is only a belief in the mind that tells you that everything is as it is not. Sin is the denial of reality.

If sin is the denial of reality and reality is the process of Life, then death must be merely the effect of denying what is. But if death is the denial of what is, then death is the opposite of truth, which means it is untruth. Untruth is false, so death must be a mirage.

Do not judge yourself when you feel sadness or fear over death. Always be gentle with yourself, and accept your emotions in peace. But also be willing to remember that the emotions you experience are the effects of forgetfulness, and what you have forgotten is truth. As you rest yourself in quiet, seek the memory of truth. It shall be restored to you. In its restoration, all sadness and fear shall gently be replaced by peace and a quiet trust in God as all that truly is.

NTI 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 11 ) Let me talk to you about your fear, for fear may be the greatest hindrance to love. Fear, when given power by you, seems to have the power to keep you from Me, which is to keep you forgetful of the law of Love.

The law of Love is connection at the most fundamental level of being. The law of Love says that all that is is as it is, because that is all that can truly be. Anything else is illusion.

Fear maintains that illusion is true and sin (or separation) is the basic law of life, which is why all life must end in death.

When you choose fear as a belief that you listen to you choose to believe that you are separate, which means you choose to deny all that is. If it is your choice to deny all that is and the law of Love, you will live within the truth, but you will not see it because you have decided to look away.

Fear is a mirage that keeps you focused on mirages. In fear, you firmly hide your head from truth. But hiding from truth within a pool of mirages does not change the truth. The truth is what it is, and you are a part of it. Therefore, look up from your hiding place and beyond the mirages that frighten you. Look at the peacefulness all around where you stand, and know you are forever safe within the peaceful memory of your Self.

(v 12- 15) Be gentle with yourself on this path of remembering. And be gentle with those who reflect your thoughts to you. Remember the purpose of peace and the purpose of lack of peace. Peace is the path of remembering. Lack of peace is evidence that you have momentarily strayed from your path. Therefore, it is a reminder to put forgetfulness aside and to step joyously on the path of peace again.

(v 16 -18) Be joyful in celebration of the remembrance of truth. Love your brothers as your Self, because they are. Walk the way of peace in gratitude, and let the memory of truth sweep over you.

(v 19 - 22) Do not accept temptation to deny the interruptions to peace. Pick them up and look at them in joy. For you have recognized that which you were tempted to deny. Do not deny the thought that has occurred, and do not accept it. Set it aside because it is not true. And continue joyously on the path of peace.

(v 23,24) May you live in peace always, extending peace through your every breath.

(v 25 - 28) Remember who you are with all that you experience and you keep within the forefront of your mind that God is only Love, and Love is all that you experience. Amen.