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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Thessalonians
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 1

(v 1) In peace, I come to guide you. Through peace, it is I that you shall know.

(v 2, 3) I am continually with you, looking over you in peace and looking through you with peace as My only sight and the manifestation of My glory. This is why you shall know Me through peace. It is because I am that which is known as the peace of the Heart, which cannot be taken away.

(v 4) You are accepted into the Lord, our God, by the natural beingness of your truth. Come to Me in order to know That Which you Are.

(v 5 - 10) It is through peace that I come into your mind, and so it is through peace that you come to Me there. Welcome Me there in peace, with joy and gratitude. For I come upon you to remind you of That Which you Are. I have no other purpose. To know Me and peace, put no other purpose before Me.

It is through peace that I am known, and it is through Me that peace is welcomed. Therefore, to know peace in any moment is to know your Self within your heart. Take care to be grateful for every moment of peace that comes to greet you, and it is moments of peace that you shall continue to know.

NTI 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 6) Your viewpoint is everything. The way you look at the world determines the world that you see. Therefore, it is time for you to look carefully at the way you look at the world. It is time to realize that you are the maker of all that you see.

(v 7 - 9) Peace is the guiding light that you must follow as you learn to look within the mind. For it is peace that leads you to recognition of truth, and it is lack of peace that reminds you that you are not following your way.

(v 10 - 12) Peace is your guide, because in peace you accept the power of God as it is and you enjoy its flow. Peace is gentle gratitude. Peace is love for all that is.

(v 13 - 16) Listen within for the gentle guidance of peace. It is quiet, but easy to hear. It leads you in ease, acceptance and trust. When fear intrudes on peace, you will hear it if you are listening. There will seem to be a slight upset, a stab thrust upon your peace, and an immediate desire to deny the thought or feeling that has intruded on your peace.

I tell you, the desire to deny the intrusion is fear. It is fear that you are a sinner and that you must hide so you are not found out and somehow punished. I tell you, to give in to this desire to deny is to heap up within you fear and the belief in sin. This is not salvation, and this is not the way of peace, nor is it the reason for being in tune with your peace.

(v 17- 20) Let's look at this situation more closely. which will surely come upon you time and time again, and make sure you are ready to use each and every occurrence for the purpose of healing. For it is through consistent practice that consistent and steady healing is realized in your joy.

NTI 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 5) Lack of peace in any measure is an opportunity to be healed.

To look at the intrusion and to focus on it as a failure is to continue to hold onto error. Do not judge your own lack of peace. Rejoice that the Holy Spirit has brought you to another moment of healing.

(v 6 - 10) Let Me change your mind about what you experience, so you may use your experience to heal without delay. It is true that peace is cause for rejoicing and gratitude. It is through gratitude that peace is extended. Rejoice in each moment that peace is known within your heart. Do not judge from whence the peace has come or whether it is for the "right" or the "wrong" reason. Celebrate its glory regardless of the reason, and be glad.

(v 11 - 13) Peace is the guiding light, so when you know peace, you know your guide. Be like children, and celebrate your joy without judgment. May you know gratitude without searching for judgment. May you know joy in the innocence of the moment, which was given you in Love by God.

Each moment of peace is a gift. Accept it as it is given, and you give the gift that has also been given to you.

NTI 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 4

(v 1, 2) Finally, I remind you that it is through peace that you know Me and you follow the path to remember your Self. Therefore, I ask you to practice peace more and more.

(v 3 - 8) The belief in sin does not come from action. The belief in sin seems manifest through action, but belief always comes from the mind. No one can experience the effects of the belief unless he first holds to the belief within his own mind, therefore, I ask you to look in the mind, in peace and trust, in order to be rid of a false belief.

The belief in sin can also be called lack of peace, for it is this belief that causes the stab that interrupts your peace. Sin leads you to feel guilty or fearful and leads you to believe that there are circumstances you must control for your own safety and happiness. Sin tells you that an outcome must go your way, or you will surely suffer. In this way, sin is a complete disassociation from who you are. Sin is forgetfulness, and in your forgetfulness, you feel the loss of everything that you are.