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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Colossians
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Colossians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 4) The world is a dream that seemed to be what you thought you wanted. If you look at it in denial it can fool you for a little longer. For the world has in it a glimmer and a shine that may appeal to you in your forgetfulness. But nothing in the world can last. What it offers you is never eternal.

Turn your mind from the desires of the world. Set your mind on the certainty of the Heart. It knows all that you truly desire. Your true desires are eternal.

(v 5 - 11) Remember your Self, which is eternal, and you will know that you cannot be satisfied with glimmerings of the temporal. Remember your Self, which is eternal, and you will know with certainty that your focus cannot settle on something that shines for a little while. To believe that you can be happy with anything that does not last is to deny that you are the truth of what you are. Do not deny your Self in the glimmer of the world. This way is the way of loss.

(v 12 - 14) Therefore, remember who you are, although you are not fully aware. The little that you have is enough to carry you very far. Focus on your lessons, and learn to change your mind. This is the practice that will lead you to see. As you see, you accept, and as you accept, you begin to desire. In this way, you follow your Self back to your Home, which is the knowledge of your full joy and happiness.

(v 15 - 17) May you practice your lessons in this way:

 Be grateful for the truth that you know.
 Practice it with Wisdom,
 and pray that more truth be given.
 Be grateful to your brothers
 who show you what you have learned.
 Welcome your lessons in vigor,
 that you may grow in mastery of the way.
 Embrace all that you see,
 knowing it comes from you.
 Correct that which needs correction.
 And immerse the mind in the reflection of truth.

(v 18 - 25) Look on all that you see and love it, but do not identify with it. It is not your truth or your reality. It is a reflection of your thought. Be grateful for the love that you find. Embrace it. But also be grateful for the reflection that seems not to be love, for it is what it seems not to be. It comes to you in love and grace to show you what you have thought, that you may choose again.

Praise your mistakes, that they may be corrected. For it is only in praise and acceptance that the truth may be known.

NTI Colossians, Chapter 4

(v l) Watch your mind, and you watch what it is that you do. With this knowledge you may gladly choose again. But you will not choose again if you keep out of awareness that which you are doing. So watch your mind vigorously, and know what it is that you do.

(v 2 - 6) Watch this body that is in the world. Watch it with great interest, for it represents the thoughts that are foremost in your mind. See it as the manifestation of your wishes and your prayers. See it as the physical representation of that which you desire. Now as you watch this body, do so with honesty, detachment and the true desire to learn. Does this body, in all that it does and in ail that it shares, represent the desire you would have it represent? Good news, my brother! The body is nothing. What it does is nothing to be distressed over. But you may learn from watching, and then using the knowledge you gain from learning, you may choose to choose again.

So watch what the body does. And be glad you can see it so clearly!

(v 7 - 9) What does your mind report to you when you watch your brothers, listen to them or think of them? Be careful. What your mind reports as it thinks of them is a trick. Your mind is distracting you from watching the mind in the way you intend to. Remember that everything you think as you watch your brother, listen to him or think of him is a thought within your mind that must be watched by you. Look at your thoughts about your brother. What is it that you are desiring by allowing those thoughts within the mind? What is it that you are asking for through the flow of creation that is you?

(v 10 - 15) Give greetings unto your Heart as you learn what you ask by watching your mind. Give greetings to your Heart in this way:

Remember to watch your mind vigorously,
 for that is the desire of the Heart.
 Us you honor its request,
 you send it greetings of love.

Remain detached from the thoughts that you find, yet fully observant. The Heart bids you to remember that the mind receives thoughts of all kinds. It is your habit to accept whatever the mind receives. Now you are being asked to learn discernment. Notice what is received, but realize you need not keep it just because you received it. Receiving it does not mean you must keep it. Give greetings to the Heart by practicing discernment with the Heart. Let its desire be the judge of the thoughts you will keep and the thoughts you will let go.

Remember this. The desire of the Heart is only this, for this is the only desire it would place on the flow of creation that is you:

Know thy Self.

Be willing to Know thy Self without distraction, and you give true greeting to the Heart.

(v 16) Share all that I share with you with your brothers through your contemplation. For as you contemplate My words, you learn them. As you learn them, you accept them. As you accept them, you desire and practice them. And as you desire and practice them, you teach them on the flow of Life that is you.

(v 17) Place your mind in subordination to your Heart in great joy! For in placing the mind in subordination to the Heart, you join with your Self in the true desire of Self.

(v 18) I come to you through our true desire, which is ours together because we are one.

Blessings to you in your practice. I am with you always. Amen.