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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Philippians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Philippians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 4) It is important to remember that the world is not real. All that you see and the way that you see it is a reflection of thoughts in the mind.

(v 5 - 11) I am not here to take away what you see. That is a decision you will make when you are ready. But I am here to teach you to see everything that you see differently. So listen to Me, and practice what I teach. Through this, sadness is replaced by joy.

I have asked you to look at yourself by looking at the body which represents the thoughts that are foremost in your mind. 'You may find this difficult, because you believe you are this body. I ask you to step back and remember who you are.

This is a time for quiet, a time for closing the eyes. This is a time for resting, relaxing, breathing and slowing down. This is a time for putting the world and words aside and for focusing on the feelings within you.

What do you notice when you look and take inventory of your feelings? When you invite them into your presence, what do you see? I tell you that without words or circumstances of the world, you will find many feelings within you. There will be a feeling of guilt and a desire to blame. There will be fear, an urge to defend and the thought to attack. There will be sadness, loneliness and a feeling of being cut off. All of these feelings you find floating within your consciousness without attachment to a specific event or thing.

And now, go deeper. Dive below these feelings you have found. Ask what else is there for you to see. You may seem to come to a very personal feeling. It may seem strong, like a wall. This feeling tells you that you are what you are not, so do not pause to listen to it. Ask the wall to open like a door. Tell it you've come to hear the truth. As the wall opens, pass through, willing to discover what was hidden. As you pass through, you will notice that you feel lighter, as if heavy burdens have been lifted from you. Continue walking and notice the joy. It's a feeling that feels natural and light. Then stand quietly within the room you have entered. Ask all that is there to come and show itself to you.

What you experience now, bathed within the Light, is the truth at the level of Heart. This is who you are.

(v 12 - 14) You are not perfect in your own perception, because of the feelings you found outside the door. Those feelings you find manifest within the world. The world is a place that seems to give cause to those feelings, but that is the illusion of the world. You found those feelings in you without cause. That is why you see them in the world. You are looking through the filter of your mind. I have come to teach you to see differently. So I say, look again. That which you see is only at the surface. Go deeper to see what is truly there.

(v 15, 16) Pause for a moment when you look at that body in the world. Look at what it is doing and what it is thinking. Is it aware of the real you...the feelings beyond the door? Or is it using the world to attach meaning to the feelings outside the door? Where is the body focused?

(v 17 - 21) See the body as the tool that tries to give meaning to your feelings. If you feel guilt, it finds a scenario that seems to create the guilt. But the guilt was already in the mind.

As you see the body do these things, remember who you are. You are looking at the reflection of thoughts in your mind. You are giving that which you receive. The feeling of guilt comes from you, then goes into the world and returns just as it was given. See what you are. See that it all comes from you. Then see that you are not the feelings outside the door. See that those feelings are attached to nothing. Take the time to walk through the wall. Find your Self, and loose those feelings into the world.

NTI Philippians, Chapter 4

(v l) Therefore, stand firm within your true desire and you stand firm within the feelings of the Heart.

Do not be distracted.

(v 2 - 7) Be the Love that you are, and the Love that you are shall be known by you. Rejoice in the gratitude of your Self, and it is your Self that you shall see in all.

 Stand firm within the purpose of your Heart,
 and your purpose shall be multiplied within you.

(v 8, 9) Keep your mind with all things loving, with all things peaceful, and with all things joyous, and these are what you shall bring to you. Remember Me and the words I have shared with you. Mull over them. Share them with friends. Practice them with your every breath, and thy Self shall be known.

(v 10 - 13) Be joyful in all circumstances, and more joy shall be added to you. For as you give, you shall receive. This is the law of Love.

(v 14 - 20) Be grateful, therefore, for the gifts that are stored in the inner chamber of your Heart. Put your faith with those gifts, and to thy motive you are true.

(v 21 - 23) Greet your brother as yourself, remembering that he also Is as you Are. Amen.