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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Philippians
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Philippians, Chapter 1

(v 1,2) Empty your mind now of all you thought was true. Accept the grace and peace of God as your true inheritance.

(v 3 - 11) "I pray for you" means, I know who you are, and I know who I am, and I know what we are together.

"I pray for you" means, I know we are not separate, but connected through God, which is mind and spirit.

"I pray for you" means, I recognize our oneness, and I recognize that as I ask for you, I too shall receive.

"I pray for you" is a statement of faith that all you see and sense and experience is not all there is. It is a statement of realization that effect is the result of intent, and intent can be affected by you.

(v 12 -14) There are no chains on mind or spirit. Therefore, there is nothing to fear. Likewise, there are no limits. You have been told that the world is not real and you are the process of creation that is God. Now it is time to put the two together through practice. I have come to teach you that there are no limits on who you are.

(v 15 - 18) It is not the action that is important. It is the motive. Motive determines all things. For motive is purpose, and purpose is everything. You receive according to the motive you put out.

(v 19 - 26) Motive is the determiner of all things, because motive is purpose. You shall receive according to the purpose you put out. Therefore you must ask, "What is my purpose?" For if you do not know your motive, then you do not know what you will receive. But when you know your motive, and you know it has been chosen purposefully by you, you can trust that you do know. For you know that you will receive according to the motive you have put out.

(v 27 - 30) Faith is by no means dead. For you put faith in whatever you believe. But I ask you to consider this:

 Is that which you believe
 that which you have chosen
 based upon the foundation
 of your motive?

 Do you have a foundation
 without a building,
 and a building
 without foundation?

If your faith is split off from your motive, this is surely what you have. To receive according to your motive, your building and your foundation must be one.

Put your faith with your motive in all things, or your motive is not the motive that you put out. For through faith, your motive is delivered. Motive without faith is dead.

NTI Philippians, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 4) The way you operate in the world is a reflection of your faith and your belief. For the way you operate is not action, but the image of the expression of thought.

Trust that you do not know yourself, because you have not observed that closely until now. Realize that your purpose is to ensure that your faith is placed with the motive you have chosen. Be clear on this purpose, and then observe yourself.

What is it that you find yourself doing? Why are you doing it? Is that action evidence that your faith is placed with your motive, or are you finding that you have placed your faith elsewhere?

(v 5 - 11) Be careful that you do not judge that which you see and observe. Separate yourself from the body. See the body as not you. See it merely as evidence of thought that is in your mind. See it as a learning device and nothing else. When you look at the body, which is showing you what you have asked to see, what is it that you discover? What do you learn about your mind?

(v 12,13) Realize, now, who you are as you watch this body and learn from it. Realize that you did not know, and so you lived in ignorance before. But now you do know, and it is your will to correct the ignorance you lived by before.

Be grateful for this body and all it is teaching you, for in partnership with this learning device you will correct the mind. You will bring faith into alignment with motive through your own desire to do so.

(v 14 - 18) Do not be personal with the body as you watch it and observe it. Do not feel that you are looking at you. I tell you, the body that you observe is not you. It is merely an expression of your thought. You are the process of creation that is God. You are mind and spirit that is not in the world. Separate yourself from the body in order to observe it. Observe it in order to learn what you want to learn about yourself.

(v 19 - 24) When you observe the body with the purpose of learning, you do not observe alone. The One who knows you and teaches you observes with you so you may learn. Call on this One and ask Him your questions. He will lead you to find answers, for His purpose is the same as yours.

(v 25 - 30) Honor yourself as you observe. Keep your purpose clear in mind. If you notice judgment or guilt because of the evidence you find, know you have lost the perspective of learning. Take a break and rest in quiet, recalling your purpose in mind. When you feel clear, return again in joy. For the work you do is the care of your mind and your own healing.