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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Ephesians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Now realize your truth and all it means for you. Give off Light, that Light may come back to bless. Give off Light, because Light is the reflection of your truth. Give off Light, because Light is the expression of your joy and all that you would give or ask now is joy, because joy is all that is necessary.

The process that you are
 in conjunction with your brothers
 is a process meant for joy.

And so it is a process you will now use for the extension of joy.

(v 15 - 20) Be grateful for your truth. Be grateful for your brothers who reflect truth to you through the truth of what they are. Cling to them and love them in joy and gratitude for truth. Teach them who they are through your love for them. For it is through you that they experience, just as you experience through them. So it is through you that they will see their truth, just as you have discovered your truth in them.

(v 21)

  Accept one another in love
 and in the understanding of the Christ.
Treat your brother as you know he Is,
 and who he Is will be reflected back upon you.

(v 22 - 33) Look on one another and know you look on your Self. You see what you have chosen to see, and it is reflected back to you in Love. Love what you see, even if it does not seem loving. For it is witness to the process that is you.

Accept your truth by accepting your process in gratitude. Surrender to what is and what has always been. Love the Christ-body that is your Self, and be grateful to it for what it is. Through love, the body knows Love. And through the knowledge of Love, it comes to know its Self.

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 4) Listen to Me and what I teach you now. I am the holy Voice of Wisdom, and I teach your process for forgiveness:

 As you think, you experience.
 It is through your thinking that illusion is made.
 It is through awareness of thought that you see what I teach.
 It is through releasing thought that illusion is let go.

This is the process of awakening. As you let Me, I take your hand and lead you through this process now. Everything is according to your own willingness.

(v 5 - 8) Awakening comes from the Heart, so let the Heart lead in all things. The mind is the great receiver. But with the Heart, sort through that which is received. Let the Heart and mind together give to spirit, so that the deliverer receives, always, through the Heart. Let the Heart be the test of all that is delivered, and you shall deliver only from the Heart.

(v 9) Give as you would receive. Let this reminder guide your decision to deliver through the Heart. For as you give, you shall receive. In the process of God there is no favoritism. The process is always the same. It is the process of freedom. 'Through freedom, receiving is requested by that which you give. Spirit is the great deliverer.

(v 10 - 18) I ask you to remember this:

 You are the free Son of God. Coercion can have no influence over you.
 You may decide what you want, ask for what you want, and you will
 receive in kind. Look, therefore, within your Heart. Know what you
 truly want before you ask. In this way, you only receive blessings upon
 your true desire, which is of God.

Every thought taken up as desire is prayer. ALL prayer is answered through God, just as you have asked. Be mindful, therefore, of that which you ask. Watch yourself, and know your Self as you watch.

(v 19, 20) Pray also for your brothers in the true desire of your Heart. For as you ask for them, you receive. All that you ask is given unto you.

(v 21, 22) Your sight is your feedback on your prayers. You shall know by what you see what you have been asking for. If you are not joyous because of what you see, ask of God differently by remembering who you are and how you ask.

Always you receive as you have asked. Watch, therefore, what it is that you ask.

(v 23, 24) Blessings upon you. In order with your choice, blessings that are known shall be received. Amen.