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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Ephesians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

You are a being made in God's image through the process of creation that is God. In this way, you are the same as He. The process that you are is what you are. It is your truth. It is how you live and exist. What you do through your mind is made and created, not alone, but in conjunction through oneness with your brothers.

Your relationship with your brothers is so perfectly bound, free, and loving in its operation, that all you can truly give them is gratitude. "For without your brothers, you would not be and you would not experience. Your very existence is extended and experienced through them.

(v 14 - 19)  I pray that you,
 being rooted and established in Love,
 may have power together through knowing
 Christ is your truth.

Christ is the truth of all you see and sense and experience, because all that you see and sense and experience is given you through Christ at the request of your own desire. This is the law of Love. What you ask for you receive through the unfailing Love of your oneness. This is the truth of all existence. This is the law of Love.

(v 20,21) Give, therefore, through your every thought only that which you would receive. For as you give to your brothers, they hear a request. In Love, they give back to you exactly as you have asked.

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 6) There is one mind and one spirit, and so there is one body in Christ. This means there is no separation between thought and effect. ALL is one within the Son of God.

therefore, give as you would receive. Give to the mind that which you would receive of spirit, for they are one. That which you give you must receive, because the mind is the spirit. The mind is the great receiver and spirit, the great deliverer. But spirit receives as mind receives, and mind delivers as does spirit.

(v 7 - 13) The mind and the spirit are one, so they listen as one and they deliver as one. You and your brothers are not separate from them, so that you listen and deliver as they do. Imagine one body, listening as one and delivering as one, and you understand the Christ. It is one body operating and functioning as one. Never is the body separate from its mind or its spirit.

(v 14 - 16) There is no separation within the body of Christ. The body functions with one true desire. The desire of Christ is to know its Self, and to deliver Itself unto Itself, that thy Self be known.

(v 17 - 19) The body is awakening to its own true desire, while the remnants of a past thought seem to be in operation. But this past thought is not true desire, and it has never been. It is a game that was played for experimentation.

See it as a shift occurring within one body. See it as a change in mind and focus. Determine where within the shift you choose to be. And join the operation of the body there.

(v 20 - 24) The same shift that occurs within the body occurs within the aspect that is you. Your mind is your great receiver, and your spirit delivers as the mind accepts. In this way, you are the same as the body, a microcosm of all that is. Choose where within the shift you will stand, and make all of your choices from there.

(v 25 - 28) You are a part of the body of One. And you are completely inseparable from it. What you choose is received of the mind and delivered by spirit back to you. This is the loop of experience. This is how existence makes for you that which you would receive. It gives based upon your choice. It makes for you that which you order.

(v 29 - 32) Make, therefore, your decision, and then be true to it. The mind is receiver, but you choose from the mind. Watch the thoughts carefully. Do not choose those which you would not deliver, knowing all that is delivered can be given back to you. Pick the thoughts you would deliver to the body, knowing that it is also you. Let go of all thoughts you would not keep, and they shall not be delivered.

Deliver in love and you receive in love, for you deliver unto yourself. Know your happiness by realizing your truth and operating in it according to true desire.

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 5

(v 1,2) "Be thee imitators of God" means be thee mindful of what you do. Know your purpose. Let purpose drive your every thought through desire that only thy Self be known.

(v 3 - 7) darkness is of the past, because darkness is of past thoughts when you were ignorant of your Self. Now that you know, look on darkness with new eyes. Look on darkness as the past, the result of past thoughts reflected back to you. Choose not to experience the past again. Choose now a different experience, and it is something different that will be given you. Choose now to know Love through your being of Love, and it is Love that shall answer you.

(v 8 - 14) This is the loop of experience that you see:

Your past thoughts stand now
 reflected back to you,
 because they have come as you have asked.
 Be grateful for the process that is you.
 Be grateful for all it is and all it teaches you,
 for it teaches clearly what you are.

Be thankful that you have learned, and do not fear the past. It is merely a reflection.