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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Ephesians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 1

(v 1, 2) Greetings. I have come to teach you that which you have become willing to learn. Blessings upon you in your learning, for you are learning who and what you are.

(v3 - 10) You were chosen through your creation to be the Son of God. This you may call pre-destiny, because it seems to come to you through discovery on a spiritual path, but you are discovering nothing that hasn't always been true. You are only finding the truth of you. That which you discover is true of everyone, and so it is the truth of the world. It is the one truth that binds all things and make's them one. It is the one truth that rules through law and makes anything that appears not to be of this law to also be of the law.

(v 11 -14) Welcome into your heart the Holy Spirit, for He is the Voice within you that knows your truth and knows the law by which you live. Through Him, there is freedom in the law. Through Him, the law is used for truth.

(v 15 - 23) I have come to teach you the law by which you live, that you may use the law for your benefit. The law is the law of Love. Though it may seem to be used outside of Love, it cannot be. That is the veil of illusion. The law of Love is used for Love and by Love without exception, and so the law gives as it is asked. But the law of Love may be used in ignorance, without the knowledge of Love, so that what is given may be misunderstood because it is not remembered that the law gives as it has asked.

The law of Love is not separate from you, and it does not rule over you. The law of Love is you and it works through you, so that you may never be separate from the Love that you are.

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 10) Your mind is of God. This we have already established. Being of God, it is the same as God. This is the law of which we speak. The law of God is the law of mind. This can also be called the law of thought. And being the law of freedom, it is the law of Love. It is the law through which you live.

(v 11 -13) Therefore, remember that this law is who you are, so that this law works through you even as you believe you are who you are not. This law is your truth, completely inseparable from you. You must learn this law and love it in order to realize and accept the truth of who you are.

(v 14 - 18) The Christ shall be the symbol for the law, for through the Christ the ones that seemed many are one. Through this law the ones that seem many are one. And in fact, they have always been one, as they are bound as one through the law.

(v 19 - 22) It is true that the Christ is the chief cornerstone on which the foundation and the building are built. This is why all is one. It is because it is through no other process that that which is built can be built. Call it an agreement, but it is not an agreement. It is the law of the nature of truth. But from your perspective, it seems like an agreement that is bound through the law of Love.

This is the agreement, which is also law:

All that you are, you are through creation. All that you be, you be through creation also. In. this way, thought is alive and serves as your creative force through your brothers, who serve you as you serve them. This is not a conscious agreement, so it can seem to bring unhappiness and conflict. But all that is at the surface is illusion. In truth, you ask of your brother through your mind, and your brother answers you exactly as you have asked.

This is the law of creation, which is used but is not understood. I have come to teach you what you do, that you may choose to do what you do for the love and benefit of all. This is a step toward acknowledging your truth. Welcome the willingness to honestly practice this step in consciousness with Me.

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 6) Through Christ all are bound together and there is no separateness. This is the law of Love. This is what you are. You are inseparable from it.

When you think you are thinking alone, you are not. Your thoughts, which are heard by your brothers, are answered through them. This is the law of Love. This is why all things are Love. Only Love exists. Every experience that is given you is unequivocally the gift of Love given in answer to your request for Love.

(v 7 - 13) You perceive yourself as a person, but you are not what you perceive yourself to be. You believe your thoughts are private and have no affect beyond the brain you see as yours. All of this is illusion and a misunderstanding of what you are.