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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Galatians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 16 - 18) Yes, live by the Spirit. That is to live by your willingness. It is not more complicated than that. In fact, it is very simple. You will be tempted to think with the world. In times of unknowing, you will think and act with the world. But your willingness is in action, and so you will see what you have done. Each moment of noticing is an opportunity for immediate repentance. Repentance is nothing more than remembering what you truly want and returning joyfully to the focus of your willingness. This is the dance of love. And the dance of love is the spreading of Light within a welcome mind.

(v 19 - 21) This is a good opportunity to speak again of judgment and guilt, for both are a habit of yours.

First, if you look deep within your willingness, you will not find judgment or guilt there. You will find only love within the Light of willingness. That is because there is only love in the truth of God. Therefore, judgment and guilt must be illusion, because they are not in the truth of God. When you judge and find guilty, whether you seem to focus on yourself, another, an establishment, or the world, you are participating in illusion. When this happens and you see yourself doing it, recognize you are only thinking with the world. Dismiss your false thoughts and return your attention to your willingness. You are dancing. Through your dance, Light is being extended through the mind. "Every time you remember, you give the gift of Light.

(v 22,23) The fruit of the Spirit is love; joy; peace; patience; kindness to oneself; goodness with others; faithfulness to God; gentleness within illusion; and self-control, which is willingness to continually return to the Light of willingness within.

(v 24 - 26) Do not worry about your errors. They are nothing but opportunity for learning. Return to your willingness in joy. In your truth, you are Spirit.

NTI Galatians, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 5) Let's talk about the process of forgiveness in great detail now, for forgiveness is the extension of love within the world.

You'11 notice the opportunity to forgive when you notice feelings of grievance, hatred or fear toward a brother. You may also notice self- hatred or guilt or unworthiness within yourself. Whether the target of these feelings seems to be you or another, it is all the same. This is an opportunity for you to invite love into the world by returning your mind to truth. Truth is God, and God is your Source. So to return to truth you must return to your willingness. A quiet mind is helpful for this journey within the mind, for a quiet mind presents the fewest distractions and obstacles to your goal.

Within the quiet mind, you first want to find your willingness. Rest the mind and call to your willingness. You know it is there. It has led you to this moment of asking for it. Your purpose now is only to bring it more fully into awareness. Focus on it, that it may stream more fully within you. Your focus gives it flight, so as you give it focus, it fills you.

Notice the characteristics of your willingness as it fills you. Notice its peacefulness, its love and its reality. Rest into it. Be grateful for it. Be immersed by it.

As your willingness wells up inside of you, tell it why you have come. You have noticed a wound that needs to be healed, and you bring that wound to the Light, that it may be seen clearly for what it is. You seek only Love. Love heals all wounds through gentle sight.

Talk to your willingness about your wound. Stay connected with the willingness as you share. Share your perspective openly and honestly, staying alert to answers within. You may not hear words, but you may hear yourself answering. You may suddenly see in what you are sharing, something you didn't see before. You may hear a soft voice floating in from the back of your mind, and you may converse with it. It is all the same.

(v 6) You are communing with your willingness to learn your true point of view. That point of view is seen through the eyes of Love, because your true intention is love.

(v 7 - 10) This is the process of forgiveness. For in communing with willingness, you commune with Spirit. In seeing through willingness, you see through Spirit. In Spirit, all things are forgiven, because through Spirit, there is only Love.

Forgiveness may seem to take time, but every true forgiveness saves time. For you reap what you sow. By releasing darkness and accepting Light, you receive Light, which goes with you as you look on the world again. In this way, forgiveness by forgiveness, your mind is transformed until you do not need a process for forgiveness anymore.

(v 11) I share with you the secrets of salvation. They are the secrets of Love within your own Heart. They are the secrets of your truth, and so they reveal your Self to you.

(v 12 -16) The outer is not important, for the outer is illusion. But the inner is everything. Focus within on the Heart and on your willingness. What is outside will seem different as what is inside is known as trans- formed. You shall know your Self. And within this knowledge you will know what illusion is, because it can barely be seen when looked at through the eyes of truth.

(v 17, 18) Rest within, therefore, and have faith in all that I say. I share only your truth, which is forever and ever our way.

 The wings of angels
 hold your love within your heart.
 Let them enter into your mind,
 and Know thy Self.