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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Galatians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

It was some time later that Sarah, through the miracle of God, became pregnant and bore Abraham a child. Where there was thought to be no promise, there was promise, but it was not seen when the barren womb was understood and believed to be real. Abraham's first son, Ishmael, came from belief in the world. Abraham's second son, Issac, was born of a miracle. Through him is seen a promise that God's Love rules over the illusion of the world. And in this story there is a message for you that does not come from your false god. The message is this:

 Believe not your god.
 What you see is not truth.
 Hold to your faith,
 and wait in patience for what must come
 to show you the world is not real.

In the story of Sarah and Hagar, Sarah asked Abraham to send Hagar away. Abraham asked God, "What should I do?" God answered that he should listen to his wife. This was not a rejection of Hagar by God, for God does not reject. This is a symbol to help you see. The releasing of Hagar represents the releasing of faith in the world. For as long as you hold to your faith in the world, you are not placing your faith fully with God.

In all of this, I give you symbols to help you learn that the truth is beyond the false. The false will speak first and seem to make sense. But I have shown you that is not of God. Be not tempted by the first or its promises of salvation. That is not where salvation lies. Wait for God, which does not come from the world. It is through the experience of God that you will learn the truth of God is eternal and beyond the empty promises of the world.

NTI Galatians, Chapter 5

(v l) Watch your mind, for it is only your own thoughts that may enslave you. Whenever you do not feel free, you are believing illusions. There is a direct correlation between your thoughts and beliefs and your present experience. But as you have already been told:

 Your experience,
 when it is not the experience of love and absolute freedom,
 is not truth.

This means you are not powerless to your experience.

(v 2 - 6) You do not know who you are, but you are opening to the possibility that the truth may be true. This is to create an opening in your conscious awareness through which Spirit can flow as you. You are still resistant to My words, because you still want to believe in the world. But if you will focus your willingness on the part of your mind that wants the truth above everything else, you will find that willingness will grow. And with it, joy will expand within your conscious awareness.

(v 7 - 12) A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough. I am confident in the Lord that you will take no other view.

Let Me tell you what this means, for to explain this to you is to teach you who you are and how Love works within the illusion. I have asked you to focus on your willingness, and I have told you that willingness is Light in the mind. You will know this is true when you focus on that willingness, for it will give you the feelings of Light. In the beginning of your acceptance you see yourself as an individual, separate from everything, within a very real world. And yet, you call for love. That call is your willingness, eager to be reunited with Itself in awareness. That call, being a spark of Light, is your link to your Source. Therefore, it comes to you with all of the power and strength of the Source. You only need focus on it to become aware. Nothing else is needed.

As you focus on your willingness you become aware of new ideas that come to replace old. This is truth come to replace illusion. By focusing on your willingness to accept these ideas, the individual mind begins to transform. As the mind transforms, sight is also transformed. Your perception of yourself as an individual becomes less dense. Your belief in the world as law is less solid. You focus more love on your willingness, and you feel and see more.

As the Light expands in your mind through focus, you come to see the whole world is brightened, for the Light expands in all minds as it expands in yours. This is the opening in a dark wall that you believed in until now. This is the crack in the individual consciousness that allows it to expand throughout consciousness. As you begin to see that all minds are one you cease to see "all minds" and you become one. No longer do you sense separateness. No longer is there a "you" who is separate from everything. Suddenly you are everything, and everything is Love.

This is the answer you seek. You seek it through love and by love. And it is in love that the answer is known. Therefore, the simple way to know love and extend love within the world is to:

 Focus on your willingness as if it is your truth,
 because it is.

 Focus on your willingness as if it holds the answer to all questions,
 because it does.
Focus on your willingness as if it is everything to everyone,
 because it is.

 Focus on your own willingness.
 That is Love Alive within the world.

(v 13 - 15) The greatest commandment is to love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole strength and your whole mind. This is to focus on your willingness with your every breath and your every thought. This is to let your willingness lead in your life. For to know your willingness is to know God. To love your willingness is to love Him.

The second commandment is no different than the first. It is to love your brother as yourself. This is to recognize yourself in your brother by recognizing in him the same call for love and the same willingness as is in you. It is to recognize that the same Light in him is the one Light in you, so that God in you is God in him also. In this way, you are the same. And so your love and focus for love is the same towards him as it is towards you. In this way, your love and patience for your brother becomes an expression of love for your own willingness, which in truth is the expression of the Love of God.