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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Corinthians
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 11

(v 1 - 12) I ask you to rest the mind. There is an important reason for this request. When you look at the world, you are looking at the thought of confusion. That is quite literally what the reflection of the world is. It is the thought that fantasy has become reality, and that is the thought of confusion.

When you look at the world, you look at the thought of confusion. And so it is thoughts of confusion that come into your mind as you look. You hear these thoughts, and you believe them, because confusion has influence over you.

I ask you to rest the mind. Resting is the realization that confusion rules in the world. And it is also the decision not to be ruled by confusion anymore. ' In resting the mind from thoughts of confusion, you let them float away un-believed. Then thoughts of wisdom may be given.

Thoughts of wisdom come from You, not confusion. Thoughts of wisdom spring forth from Me, which is the true desire of the Heart.

(v 13 - 15) Do not be confused. The world is confusion and thoughts of the world are thoughts of confusion. Thoughts of confusion are not your truth, so thoughts of confusion are not the thoughts you want to attempt to share.

(v 16 - 29) The mind is tricky, because the mind is split. On your own, you cannot trust the thoughts of the mind. Thoughts of the mind may seem righteous when they are but confusion. To listen to the mind without testing it is to risk listening to confusion as if it makes sense. The test for the mind is purpose. And purpose is the true desire of the Heart. Because the Heart is not at the surface of the mind, the mind must rest to be tested by the Heart. But the test is not difficult. The rest need not be long. It only takes a moment to remember your purpose and only an instant to make the mind subordinate to the Heart.

(v 30 - 33) Do not fear that you do not know confusion and do not know the purpose of the Heart. You do know. It is written within you by the nature of your truth. Seek only for a moment to test your thoughts by the true desire of the Heart, and the light of the Heart shall shine, that you may see your thoughts truly. You cannot be confused within the light of the Heart, for the light of the Heart is your memory of truth. And your memory of truth knows not of confusion, so confusion must disappear in its light.

Free yourself from encirclement within the world. Free yourself from its confusion. Quiet your mind, and ask the Heart within. From the depth of your Heart, your freedom is known.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 6) Heaven is within you. This is a statement that you may take as truth. This statement is truth, because of who you are in truth. You seem to be a man or a woman, an individual soul within a body within a world within a cosmos. This seems to be who you are, but this is not a fact. "This is a perception.

It seems that you are within, and everything else is without. This seems to be, but this is not truth. So I ask you to start with you, which you know is within, and discover that the world and Heaven are within you also. This seems to be a bold statement, but it is not. It is only a simple statement of fact, which you shall see as you come with Me to seek within.

(v 7 - 10) Let's start with you, which you know is within, and let's ask this question:

 What are you?

Do not be tempted to define yourself by what seems without. Let's stay focused within. If you forget the world and everything that you perceive as not within, and then you look deeply within and ask the question I have asked, what answer comes immediately to your mind?

 "I am my thoughts. "

That may be your answer, is it not? When you look within, where you know you are, and you ask the question, "What am I?" You find that you are your thoughts.

(v 11 - 18) What are your thoughts? Where do they come from? If you are your thoughts, and you want to know the origin of you, don't you also need to know the origin of your thoughts? So let's look within, deeply and peacefully and without a sense of hurry. Let's ask:

 What are my thoughts? What is their origin?

The answer you may hear is, "My mind is their origin." But then ask:

 What is my mind?

The answer to that is God. For only God can be Mind, which is the origin of thoughts, with thoughts being the maker or definer of you. As we look at this, what do we see? You are an aspect of thought within the Mind of God. And all of this, we found, is known and realized within the mind that is you.

 You are in God, and God is within you.
 There is no separation.
 The kingdom of God is within you.

(v 19 - 21) You are who you are, just as I am who I am. There is no difference. We are within the Mind, so that our truth is within the Mind. Where our truth is, reality must be also.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 13

(v 1 - 10) You are not defined by the world. You are defined by the Voice Within, which is where you are. This is why I ask you not to look at the world. You seem to be in a world, but if you are in the Mind, the world can be nothing to you. It cannot affect you, if you remember where you truly are. You are protected from it by the nature of your being. For your truth is beyond the world and beyond the images that seem to be the world. Your truth is eternal, as is the truth of all thoughts within the Mind of God. For what is thought in God's Mind is God, just as your true thoughts are the truth of what you are.

I have told you that your mind is tricky, because your mind is split. But the tricks of the mind will not fool you if you remember what you are. The thoughts that tell you that you are in the world and subject to the world do not know who you are, so they are not your true thoughts. They are a mirage. If you approach them closely, you will see that they disappear. For they cannot stand in the Light of the true desire of your Heart, which is you.

(v 11) Your true thoughts are below the thoughts of the world, closer to your Heart, because they stem from there. They stem from your truth, and so they are your truth. Listen to your truth and know, within, who you are.

(v 12 -14) Within the Mind all is one, for there is no separation of any kind. ALL mind is of one Source, so all mind is one through its Source, which cannot be apart from Itself.

Love one another, for you are of one Mind. In loving one another, you love your truth. In this love, you are one. Amen.