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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Corinthians
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 5) When you believe in the world, you make the mistake of acting out your belief in the world. How is this a mistake, truly? Is it a mistake because you took an action that you shouldn't have? Is this a mistake because you have revealed yourself to your brothers as less than what they thought you were? Is this a mistake within the world for which you are guilty?

This is what you believe, but you believe this because you believe the world is true. And this is why acting in the world is a mistake. Acting on your belief that the world is real is a mistake, because it continues the belief within the mind.

(v 6 - 9) Remember this:

 "Whoever sows sparingly shall also reap sparingly,
 and whoever sows generously shall also reap generously."
 This means that what you give,
 you experience.

Your actions within the world are not important in themselves. They cannot be. The world is not real, and you, in truth, are not in the world. You are a mind experiencing yourself in a world that does not exist. But as you seem to act in the world based on your belief that you are in the world, the belief and delusion continues within the mind.

As you sow delusion, you shall experience delusion. This is to give nothing and to experience nothing as if it is real. This is simply to dream. This is to engage in fantasy. It is nothing, although it may frighten you.

Step away from your fear. Be willing to see that fantasy isn't reality. Give unto yourself by willing not to continue thoughts of non- giving. Relax into your trust in Me. As you continue to believe in the world, act on your trust in Me. This is not an action in the world, for there is no world. But this is giving, because this is telling the mind that the truth must be true. This is waking up from the dream by not participating in the belief in the dream anymore.

(v 10, 11) The mind knows its own thoughts, and it reacts to them.

The world is not real. It is a delusion of the mind, but it is the delusion of one mind. There are no separate minds with separate delusions. The thoughts you think are heard by one mind, and they affect the fantasy in the mind.

When you tell the mind that the world is not real, both through your thought and your seeming action, the world hears this thought through the mind, because the world is a thought in the mind. The world will react, as the mind reacts, to the thoughts that have been given it. As you accept that the world is not real, and therefore can have no affect on you, the mind will begin to awaken by seeing for itself that a dream cannot affect the reality of existence as it is.

(v 12 - 15) This service that you perform of not believing in the world and of not acting as if the world is real, is a service you provide for yourself and for the entirety of the one mind that you are. No part of the mind is left out of the benefits of the service you perform.

Through your service and your true dedication to this service, the mind is awakened to truth through what it learns. Through your faith, you are a teacher. And through your teaching, you are awakened by all that you learn.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 10

(v 1 - 6) The question that you always ask is: How you are to live in the world without being a part of the world? This seems difficult to you, and in fact, nearly impossible. But I tell you that it is not. When you are thinking this way, you are listening to the voice of confusion.

(v 7 - 11) You are looking only on the surface of things when you listen to the voice of confusion. You are looking at the world as if it is real, and you are looking at actions as if they are actions. Neither of these statements is true. The world is not real, and actions are not actions. The world is a thought within the mind of the Son of God. And all actions within the world are the expression of thought. Therefore, you must look beyond the world and beyond the action to the thought which spawns the image.

(v 12 - 18) This is why I ask you to look within and not at the world. When you look at the world, you are tempted to guess at the thought that is in your brother's mind. But can you guess the thought that is in your brother's mind? No, you cannot guess. You cannot guess by what you see in the world or by his actions, for his thought is unknown to you. You see only the surface, which is unreal. Therefore, you cannot judge your brother by what you see.

If you look at the world and think you know your brother's thought or motive, you have only uncovered a thought or idea within your own mind. It is not your brother's mind that you see when you look at the world. You see your mind, for you are looking at the world through the filter of your own thoughts.

This is why I ask you to stay focused within. Look within your mind and your Heart before you look at the world. Know your purpose, which is the true desire of the Heart. Let your purpose lead you in all things. In this way, all actions that you take will be an expression of the true Heart, so all actions shall be giving of the thought of Love.