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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 2 - 7) I have told you before how loved you are. You have felt this love and known it. This love that I speak of, which you know is God, came to be known to you from within. This love that touched you and moved you with holiness came into your awareness from within you. And this love you knew was real. You felt its comfort, and you recognized it. Nothing in the world can comfort you and love you. The love that comforts always comes from within. You always feel it there and know it there. You may credit something in the world with having caused it, but that is a mistake. The love came into your mind and filled your awareness through your willingness to know yourself as love. This is the meaning of God. It is the love that lives and fills every being with perfection from within. This is your truth. This, which you have known, is reality.

(v 8 - 13) By all this, I ask you to look again. Look first in your heart and find God there. Then look at the world. Know that all hearts, at the deepest core, are the same. And then look at the world. Feel God. Feel truth, and then look at the world.

Which one is real and which is illusion? Which is your true desire? Which do you want to be and to extend? You know the answer. The answer to My question is your truth. What you seek above all else is your Self. You, in your reality, are the answer.

(v 14 - 16) Open your heart and welcome your Self. You are the truth that you seek. And in welcoming your Self, you welcome your brothers, and you welcome all that is true about the world. ALL that is not true is let go, because that which is not true is meaningless. In this way, you rest in God. When you rest in God, your truth is welcomed.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 8

(v 1- 7) Listen for My words and you shall hear them, for I am always willing to speak to you. You do not hear Me when I speak, because of your thinking and your thoughts about the meaning of the world. But if you are willing to lay down your own thinking, you will hear Me. When you are willing to lay down your own thinking completely, you will hear only Me, and you will rejoice.

Let Me tell you what it means to give everything. This is not a statement that can be measured and judged based on actions within the world, for the world is not real. 'Therefore, you cannot be measured or judged by anything in the world. But you can use the world to measure and judge your own giving, for your belief in the world is the measure and judgment of that which you give.

You give through thought. There literally is no other way to give. This is not a partial statement, nor is it symbolic. It is a statement that is whole and completely your truth. You give through thought.

 You give through thought.
 There is literally no other way to give.
 What you give is what is experienced,
 so your experience is a measure of what you give.

When I ask you to give everything, I ask that you give all thought to the true desire of the Heart. This is the only way in which you can give. To not give in this way is not to have given, since that which does not exist cannot be given.

(v 8, 9) I ask you now to focus this lesson on the thoughts in your mind. Do not look at the world, and do not look at your brothers to see how well they are learning what I teach. To look at the world is to measure your thought. What you see is your measure, not theirs. So if you look, look in this way...to see your own thoughts. But I tell you, it is better for you now not to look at all. It is better and more effective if you remain focused within your mind.

(v 10 - 12)4 ask you to remember who you are when you look at your thoughts. I have told you that you are the one Son of God, without division, living not within the world. Do your thoughts tell you this? Do they tell you that you are holy and one, not separate from anything? Do they tell you that the world does not exist and you do, and so you must not be in the world? Do they tell you that you are with God and God is with you, without distance or absence of any kind?

(v 13 - 15) If your thoughts do not speak the truth of you, your thoughts are not the thoughts of giving.

(v 16 - 21) Look, then, in your own mind. Ask yourself, truly, how much you are giving. You give more by not giving less. You give truly by focusing your mind to give in alignment with the Heart.

(v 22 - 24) Your true desire will guide your giving, so let your true desire lead in the watching of your mind. Lay down thoughts of non- giving by seeing them as nothing, for that is what they are. Pick up the thoughts of giving by knowing the true desire of the Heart. For in being true desire, you are giving, and all that you give is received by everyone, through one mind, in full.