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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Corinthians
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Exhumator Esoterics

Your thoughts form your experience. This is a literal statement, and it is to be taken literally. There is nothing symbolic in what I am saying to you now. If you look in your mind, you will find that your mind is split and that your thoughts are split into two categories. You have thoughts of the world, and you have thoughts that are not of the world. The thoughts that are not of the world are thoughts of letting go of the world. This is your true desire. But when you look in your mind, where are your thoughts as you suffer, as you are afraid or as you are feeling angry? Are they with God or are they with the world? When your thoughts are with the world, you request an experience other than God. This, then, is the experience you are given. When you let go of the world, you experience truth.

(v 16 - 21) This is what it means to become an empty shell. It is to let go of the world, thoughts of the world and the desire for the world. This is to let go of the desire for an experience that is different from Heaven. And this is to open up to accept the experience of Heaven and the truth of Heaven as it is without the desire that it be different.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 6

(v 1, 2) Now is the day of salvation, for now is the day that you can choose to think apart from the world. You can choose to think apart from your experience. As you do this earnestly, your experience will change, and you will find yourself willing to let go of the world.

(v 3 - 10) To think apart from your experience and to think apart from the world is a request that is to be taken literally in all circumstances without exception. This will seem to take practice, but as you practice, the increase in willingness will make the practice easier.

Here is how you are to practice:

As you suffer, choose not to suffer. Let the experience of the body continue without the desire for the experience to be different. Rejoice that the experience is not your reality.

When you are afraid, choose not to be afraid by remembering that what you fear is not real. It is of the world or it is born of thoughts of the world. It is an experience, but it is not real. It is not real, and so it is not your truth.

When you are joyous because the world seems to be going your way, and today seems to be your day, remember that is not your joy. Your joy is your truth, which is beyond the world. Be happy and be joyous, but let your joy come to you apart from your experience. Let your joy come to you from the truth in your Heart. Relax in your joy and be your joy, beyond your experience of the world.

(v 11 - 13) I say to you, do not look at the world and ask how you should think or how you should feel. This is to believe the world is your lord. To believe that is to believe it is real. Accept that it is not real by surrendering to your desire for truth. Accept the truth, and deny the world. Let your joy come from you, and accept not that the world can change it.

(v 14 - 16) Do not be content to let your thoughts of the world mix with your thoughts of God, for this is to be content with the agreement of the split mind. The agreement of the split mind is the agreement that is different from Heaven. Erase the split that has been imagined by erasing the desire for something different. Recognize the world for what it is. And let the thoughts that are worldly thoughts go with the desire that you no longer seek.

(v 17, 18) Therefore, watch you mind and be honest about what you see. Remember that your desire is split, but remember also your true desire. The other is a desire of the past, and it has no purpose for you now. Let it go along with the thoughts that stem from it. Seek not the past. Live not in the past. Remain fixed on the current desire of the Heart, and you remain fixed on truth.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 7

(v l) A mistake that you make is believing that you are guilty for the imagining that you do. I tell you, you are not guilty because you are imagining. You are not guilty, because you are taking a walk through fantasy. You are not guilty, because you have literally done nothing. This seems difficult for you to accept, because you believe the world. You believe the world is real, so you must be guilty. Can you see the direct connection between your belief in the world and your feeling of guilt?

Can you imagine for a moment that the world is not real? Can you imagine it as fantasy or a made up day dream? When you imagine this, really feel it. Feel that the world is not real. And when you feel it, do you see how your feeling of guilt goes too?

This is what I am telling you. The world is illusion. It is not real. Heaven has not changed because of this imagined experience. And so you are not guilty. And because you are not guilty, you are free.