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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 7 - 11) You were taught to look at the world by a desire to know the untrue as true. This is the evidence that the world is. And this is what you learn when you look at the world and believe it as evidence. But now I ask you to look in a new place for evidence. I ask you to look, not at the world for proof of what is true, but to look within your Self where the truth about you is known.

(v 12 - 18) The world was made to tell you that you are what you are not. But this is a lesson you can never fully learn, because the truth of what you are is written on your Heart. Seek there! Ask your Heart what you are, and the answer will be given clearly. Then look at the world, which gives you a different answer, and say to it, "I will believe the answer of the Heart. I will let that answer shine unto you." By listening to the Heart and following its truth within the world, you become a symbol that the world is not lord. Your symbol is a message into the mind that sings, "Look into the Heart!"

In this way, your message is clear and it is consistent. For when the mind looks to the Heart for guidance, it will find only the guidance of the Heart. The guidance of the Heart is one, because the message of the Heart is one. You are Love, and anything that is not Love must only be an illusion of what you are.

Look not upon illusions, that you are not fooled. Look upon thy Heart, and Know thy Self truly.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 6) Belief in the world is the veil of darkness, but this veil was not placed there by one greater than you. This veil is not an obstacle that cannot be lifted through your own desire. This veil was placed over truth through your own desire to see apart from truth. Therefore, the veil is lifted through your desire to lay down untruth and to see through the Vision of Truth again.

(v 7 - 12) This is how death and the resurrection are to be acted out through you:

The truth cannot die, so the truth need not be resurrected. The truth simply is, and it always is without beginning and without end. What is it, then, that must die? What is there to be resurrected? Your belief in illusions must die, so that your awareness of what is may be resurrected through you.

(v 13 - 15) Your belief is expressed through thought. Above all else, watch your thoughts. What are you allowing your thoughts to think? Are you thinking of the illusion of the world as if it is real? If so, you are expressing your desire to accept the veil of darkness. Is this your true desire? If not, why do you permit yourself to express it through the

activity of your thoughts?

Watch your thoughts. Ask them to express your true desire. Your thoughts must do as you ask, because you are the thinker of your thoughts. Let them express your true desire. If they do not, let them go-

(v 16 - 18) Fix your eyes and your thoughts on the true desire of your Heart, not because it is your hope for the future, but because it is your reality now. You are what your Heart tells you that you are. Only you do not see it, because you do not focus yourself there. Focus on the world, and you will believe the world. Believe the world, and you choose to keep the veil, which hides your truth. Focus on your Heart in all your thoughts, and you choose against the veil. You choose, instead, that the veil may be lifted, that you may see your truth and your brother's truth and know in the joy of your Heart that it is true.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 10) This life that you experience within the world is a gift to yourself. It is a gift based upon a wish that you could experience something different. I have told you this before. I have also told you that it is a perfect gift, for you have given yourself exactly as you asked. You have the experience that is different from the experience of Heaven. If this experience of the world is the experience you have asked to receive, why do you suffer from it? It is because you asked to suffer by asking not to experience Heaven.

Listen to Me carefully now, for I will tell you why you think the way you do and why you experience that which you experience. In seeing the desire that has been hidden, you can decide to change the desire.

(v 11 - 15) Within the mind now, you will find the desire for the world. You will know this is your desire if you watch your thoughts. For your thoughts are about the world, and your thoughts stem from your desire. I have told you that your mind is split. The desire for the world is split with the true desire of the Heart. Both are there, and so both are in your thoughts.