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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 1

(v 1, 2) This is a letter to you from your own Holy Spirit. Listen to Him as you read, and know your own guidance. Through what is shared through you, you shall learn who you are.

(v 3 - 11) Everything that comes to you comes to you for your healing. There is nothing that you experience that cannot have that purpose if that is the purpose you give it. But hear Me well. I have said that is the purpose it will have if that is the purpose you give it. This is because of who you are. If you do not give the purpose of healing to your life, it shall not have that purpose. 'And no experience can bring to you that which you do not desire.

Yet the opposite is also true. If healing is the purpose that you give to all things in your life, then all things shall have that purpose and no thing can occur that does not have that purpose. For you choose your own blessings. And the one who chooses healing is the one who knows he is blessed.

(v 12 - 14) Why can I write these things of you in confidence and certainty without exception of any kind? It is because I know who you are. I know your purpose is your purpose, because I know your freedom. I know nothing can take the purpose that you choose from you. Nothing can deny you the experience you choose to have.

(v 15- 24) How are you to interpret the events in your life so that they may bring you joy? You are to interpret them truly and not with confusion.

Confusion says that the events in your life are lord over you. Confusion says the events in your life may bring you joy or sorrow, or pain or peace, or fear or safety, or danger, or frustration, or any number of feelings, thoughts and reactions. But always, confusion says the events are lord and you are subject, in all circumstances, to react accordingly to your lord. The true interpretation comes from who you are. You are not subject to a lord who rules over you. You are lord of your own subject. In other words, your experience is given you, because you have chosen it. And so, if you would have another experience, you must choose differently.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 4) Do not change your mind out of fear, but out of love, for Love is the only power that is real. When you change your mind out of fear, you attempt to change your experience, because you believe your experience is lord. In this case, you wish for a different experience, because you believe a different experience is needed to bring you joy. This purpose denies who you are, and so you shall learn that you are who you are not through choosing this experience.

To learn who you are, do not seek an experience that will give you what you want. Choose instead to be independent of your experience. In choosing independence, you learn you are not subject. And when you have learned you are not subject, you are free to learn you are lord.

(v 5 - 11) To forgive a circumstance or event is not to separate it into segments and to judge it and to determine where there is guilt and where there may be innocence. To forgive is to look at a circumstance or event as a whole, without separate parts, and to know that one whole can have only one purpose. And then, remember that the circumstance is not lord, which chooses its purpose, but you are. As lord, you may choose the purpose that will bring to you the joy of release. In choosing this purpose, you choose to forgive the idea that you could be what you are not.

(v 12 - 17) Know, then, who you are. Look on the world with new eyes. You are not the effect of what you see, but you do feel the effect of what you choose. You are the maker of experience. Experience is not the maker of you. It is for this reason that you do have a choice. Will you let experience tell you how you are to feel? Or will you let how you feel tell experience what kind of experience it is to be?

Always, you may choose healing, if that is what you choose to feel. Always, because you are lord, the world and all of its events may come to you to heal you and to soothe you of the pain that comes when you have chosen to forget that you are, and truly always will be, the lord of all you choose to experience.

NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 6) Evidence is sought within the world. You look at the world, and you seek evidence that what I say is true. But if you look at the world with the thought that what I say may not be true, that is the evidence you will find. For the world was written as an experience of untruth. And so the world can be used to prove that the untrue is true, if that is the evidence that the mind seeks.

I ask you to not look at the world. I ask you to look in your Heart and see what you find there. Your truth is written on your Heart. And by seeking there, not in the world, you will find confirmation that all I say is true.

For you do know the truth when you hear it. You know it, because it is written on your Heart. It is written on your Heart, because it is you.