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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 15

(v 1, 2)Let me remind you of the simplicity of what I request. I do not ask you to judge which thoughts are to be laid down and which thoughts are to be kept, for such a request would keep you busy and stuck within illusion for an eternity. I ask you to willingly lay down everything but your trust. This is why the symbol of an empty shell is given. Keep nothing but the casing, which is trust. In this way, you hold onto nothing that blocks out truth, and truth may be freely given and freely welcomed

(v 3 - 11) What is received when all that is false has been let go is only that which reflects truth. This, which is received as truth, shall fill you with new eyes and a joyous heart. In this way, you will be ready to point the way, for you will no longer be fooled by that which is false. You shall have a taste of truth. It is upon this recognition, which is the completeness of recognition within time, that you enter the fourth and final earthly phase of the path of truth with Me.

(v 12 - 19) The fourth phase is a glorious phase, upon which your feet shall barely touch the ground. As you walk the earth, you know where you walk, so that the earth is merely a symbol within the mind. You shall not know brothers, but you shall talk to them. You will not need food, but you will eat with joy. Music shall accompany you in your every moment, and yet, you will have no need for your ears. Your sight will be changed from earthly sight to sight that is provided from Heaven. All things shall be new, and you shall have no need for any of them. In this, your joy shall be complete.

(v 20 - 28) The purpose of your life in the fourth phase of living on earth shall not be different than the purpose at any other time. Only now, in the fourth phase, the distractions have been erased. In letting yourself become an empty shell, you freed yourself from the desire for distraction. Now, in the fourth stage, your focus is complete. Now you know what you want, and you want it wholly.

(v 29 - 34) During the fourth phase, there are no distractions. During the fourth phase, there are no fears. There are no doubts, and there is no feeling of guilt. There is only a knowing of what is true and a life that is the willingness for acceptance.

(v 35 - 49) The one that seems to be in the fourth stage is but a symbol of the truth that is. So this one must pass away also. But in its passing, you pass from a final illusion of beauty to Beauty that cannot be contained in illusion. You pass from form, which reflects Light, to Light, which shines into form.

(v 50 - 55) You shall not know death in your passing from the fourth phase to Light, for this passing is recognition of Life. This passing is acceptance of all that is true and all that has always been true. This passing is the final release of illusion, so that no illusion may appear to you. And death is an illusion. So you shall not know death, because you have accepted that illusion does not exist.

(v 56 - 58) Therefore, be willing to become an empty shell. And be willing for this completely. For it is through emptiness that illusion is released, and it is through releasing it, that illusion is taken away.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 16

(v 1 - 4) Set aside your thoughts of division. When you see them in your mind or in the playing out of thought within the world, rejoice! What you see is not true. Be happy that you have found willingness to deny that which is false, for inherent in its denial is the willingness to accept only that which is true.

(v 5 - 9) The door that is opened is the doorway to the Light, which is also the doorway to your Self and your brothers, who are one with you. In passing through that doorway, you can not return. For to return would be to pass from Awareness to the belief in lack of awareness and division.

One who knows wholeness after experiencing the lack of wholeness knows illusion is no substitute for truth. He shall not choose illusion again. But, being one mind with all that he thought was separate, he shall remain as a memory to call the mind that sleeps into wakefulness, that all that is whole may know Itself as one and whole again.

(v 10,11) It is your brothers who are you in truth. Look beyond their illusion, and you look beyond your own. Forgive them their mask, and you forgive your own. Accept them as innocent and as Love, and you accept your Self. Reject nothing that is true and accept nothing that is false, and you free yourself of your own willingness.

(v 12 - 14) Do everything in love, which is trust and acceptance within the world. In this way, you look beyond the world to the truth that is your reality, and you accept it into your heart once again. In this way, you greet your brother in his truth. And in this way, you greet and welcome your Self.

(v 15- 18) There is only One. ALL else is false. It is an image over the truth, which remains true behind it. It is a mask on the Light that is you. It is nothing permanent, and so it is not real. It deserves gratitude as an expression of freedom, but ask to give it nothing more. Say thank you, and give it release.

(v 19 - 24) Peace be in your mind, for there is nothing to fear. All that you give, you give to yourself. Let the gift that has been given be appreciated and let go. It is only a reflection of your freedom. It is not a reflection of your truth. In truth, you are whole. In freedom, you are an expression. Release the expression you no longer want. Know your Self as whole and free again. Amen.