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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13

(v 1 - 7) The reason for all things is Love. Division is the opposite of Love, because division excludes. Love cannot exclude. Love is whole, knowing only truth. Become as an empty shell to know Love. That is your reason. That is your true desire. To look on the world and divide it by judging is not Love, and so it is not what you want. Lay down what you do not want, and accept joyfully that which you do.

(v 8 - 12) When you look on the world you see the reflection of your mind, which makes the world through thought. What you believe and what you accept is seen in the world. There is division in what you see, because there is division in your thought. This thought is not Love. This thought is the denial of Love, which is all that truly exists.

To cease denial and see truth, which you truly desire, become as an empty shell. Let go of thoughts of division, that you may see the beauty of your oneness face-to-face, and you may rejoice.

(v 13)  Trust is the means,
 and Love is the reason.
 Give everything to trust in the Holy Spirit,
 because Love is all that you desire.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 14

(v 1 - 5) Do not wish for gifts that are not yours, for everything is yours. To wish for something that you believe you do not have is to believe that you are an illusion of yourself. Lay down your wishing and your partial definition of who you are. Be open to receive the truth.

(v 6 - 12) You are the Son of God. You do not see yourself in this way, because you choose to see yourself in other ways. The other definitions that you choose are chosen by you as a mask of who you would like to be, but a mask covers that which you are. In living out your roles as you have chosen them to be, you have forgotten the truth that is under the mask.

Surely the one under the mask is the creator of everything that makes up the mask. Surely the one who made the mask is beyond the mask that he made.

You, who limit yourself to the mask, limit one who is unlimited, and you do this by your own choice.

Lay down the mask. Lay down the roles and concepts that tell you who you are. Realize that you have forgotten everything beyond the mask that you have held to. Become as an empty shell, without any part of the mask held for security. Release all of it, that I may fill you with the memory of who you are.

(v 13 - 17) You do not know who you are. This is true enough, only you do not know it is true if you are insisting on clinging to your mask.

(v 18 - 21) The heart knows you are not the many faces of the mask that you wear. The heart knows you are beyond the mask. Yet the heart cannot know what the mind does not know. The heart can only know there is more and then call to the mind to seek that which the heart feels. But if the mind answers the heart with belief in the mask, the heart knows it has not been answered.

Listen to the calling of the heart. Lay down all belief in the mask. At the heart's true pleading, become as an empty shell, that you may be filled with the true answer that satisfies the question of the heart.

(v 22 - 28) Your mask is like a block to your truth. As you hold the mask up firmly, claiming it is what you are, that which is your truth is firmly hidden by you.

Look carefully at what you do. Is this truly what you want to do? Do you wish to insist that you are what you are not? Can a mask, even though it is insisted upon, become truth? It is your truth that shines for all to see and recognize, not your mask. For masks are limits, and limits are not real. No one looks upon limits and feels freed.

Remove the mask. Let truth be known, that it may extend through you. This way, your brother recognizes the tight fit of his own mask, and he also seeks to be freed of limits.

(v 29 - 40) Lay down all limits that you have taken up upon yourself. I did not give you any of them. They are not of Me. They are not of your truth. They are of the mask, by the mask and for the mask. Therefore, they can only limit the mask. By laying down the mask, you lay down limits also.