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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 11

(v l) Follow My guidance as I lead you to your truth.

(v 2) I am grateful to you for continuing on the path with Me, just as I am grateful to you for all things. For I can never not be grateful to you, because I know your truth, and I know your Father who created you the same as He.

(v 3 - 10) Trust in Me, as I am your authority in the world. I am not a false authority, which would not recognize you and would try to tell you what to do. I am true Authority, because I do recognize you. I lead you where you want to go. Do not fear that I will ask you to do what you do not want to do. I cannot do that, because I know what you are. This is why I wait for your invitation to give you what you want. For I do know that you want it, but knowing who you are, I wait until you know also.

(v 11 -16) You can trust in Me, because I am you. We are one in God. Therefore, I cannot want for you that which you do not want for yourself. I can only want for you that which you do want. This is why you have freedom to choose dreams of illusion, if that is the experience you desire. I will not take from you that which you desire. I will only give that which you seek. I cannot take. I can only give, because I know that you are Me.

(v 17 - 26)Remember Me in all things and in all that you do. Remember that I am your truth, and I am the one within you who does not lose sight of your true desire. While you may still lose sight, give all things to Me. In this way, you are led consistently in the direction of your truth. Hold nothing back from Me. Do not feel you need to handle anything yourself. For to feel you must handle anything yourself is to believe that we are not one and that I can want what you do not want. Let go of your desire to have things your way by remembering that your way, separate from Me, is illusion. That way is no way. Surrender that way, and become an empty shell.

(v 27 - 32) Trust in Me is trust in your Self. You do not give trust to something that is not you, for I am you. This is why you can trust Me. I am you, and 1 see you. Because I see you as Me, I know you. I am not the illusory self who leads you through blindness and fear. I am the true Self who leads you through Light and through knowledge. I will never make you suffer, because I know you cannot suffer. You can only be free. And through our freedom, I share My freedom with you.

(v 33, 34) So you may rest and not fear. Whatever you want shall be given, as long as you want it. When you do not want it, it will not be taken away; you will release it of your own freedom. It is through becoming an empty shell that you signal you have tired of games. So it is through your gift of an empty shell that I shall fill you with the memory of our truth.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 11) Judgment is the tool of illusion, so as long as you desire illusion, judgment is a tool you will hold dear. If you do not want illusion, do not work with this tool. For as you work with it, you build the illusion you think you want, but do not want. Watch your mind for the subtle judgments that you make. Watch your mind for its wishes, for each wish signals a judgment has been made. For wherever there is a wish, there has been a judgment, and wherever there has been a judgment, there has been a wish. illusion is a trick you have made on yourself, because you wanted the experience to be real. You judged that you wanted something different, you wished for something different, then you judged it had been made real. In this way, everything you made, you made for yourself. The experience you made is your experience now, because you continue to make it so. It is now that matters, because it is now that makes now. So your subtle judgments must be seen.

(v 12, 13) This is why I ask you to see the world as one song or as a script. It is so you will not break it into parts to judge. One song is a whole, perfect at its finish. One script cannot be broken apart.

(v 14 - 20) When you look at your brothers you see separate parts, but this must mean that you are not looking with Me. For I do not see separate parts of one thing. When 1 look, I only see the whole.

(v 21 - 26) When you look with Me, there is nothing to judge. -For everything works for the healing of one mind. There is no error, and there is no mistake. There isn't one single flaw. There is only a mind listening to itself and recognizing which self is true. It is an awakening, a growing recognition, and it is perfect in every way.

(v 27 - 31) When you look on the world and seem to see differences, remember you are not looking with Me. Surrender your sight, because you do not want it now. Do not judge what you see or you accept it as real, and you hold onto the experience of illusion. You must release it by not judging it, through trusting it is not real. See only that it is not your desire. Let it pass upward, out of your shell, freeing your mind of its trick.

 Flee with Me,
 and know you are free.