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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Each thought that seems to speak of unworthiness, guilt or fear in the world...each thought that seems to express the wish, "What if it were different than it is?"...each thought that seems to interpret anything in the world as if it were true...each of these thoughts are made to give you the experience of experience that isn't true. So each thought must be handed out of the shell, that the shell may be emptied of all points of experience. When the points of experience are all released from the shell, the shell no longer senses experience, and another experience may come in to fill the shell. It is this second experience that points to truth.

(v 25 - 28) Do not worry that you experience the world. Worry is a point of experience. Release it from the shell. Do not feel guilty that your shell is not emptied. Guilt is a point of experience. Release it from the shell. Do not be sad that you do not know the second experience that comes. Wishing is the cause of all points of experience. Release wishing, and many points of experience will leave the shell with it.

(v 29 - 31) Remember that the shell is not real, so whatever experience you seem to experience within the shell is not real either. Therefore, be not attached to the experience you experience or the one you wish to experience. Be free, instead, to realize there is no shell.

(v 32 - 35) Remembering there is no shell and there is no experience that is true experience will free you from attachment to points of experience. When you are freed from attachments you will release them more easily, and you will travel this path of remembrance more swiftly with Me.

(v 36 - 38) Remember to stay focused on your own guidance within the world. Your guidance leads you, based on your willingness, to the circumstances that will help you to empty your shell.

(v 39, 40) Following guidance and staying with trust now is the best way to empty your shell. Give no thought or concern to emptying it. When you are called to notice the thoughts in your mind, notice them and let them go right then. When you do not notice the thoughts in your mind, be happy in those times also. For always the truth is true, and so always there is cause for happiness.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 8

(v 1- 3) When you do not seem to know how to become an empty shell, it is because you are focusing on your head, or better said, your thinking mind. Your thinking mind will not teach you how not to think. Your thinking mind is interested in its own survival, so it will take the time you give it to think some more. When you notice your mind is full and you want to become as an empty shell, you must refocus your mind from your head to your Heart. Your Heart will teach your mind the way of release, because your Heart is love.

(v 4 - 6) Your Heart, being of love, knows one purpose, and that is Love. Your head, being of thinking, knows many purposes, because that is "thinking." Let go of the confusion of the head and focus yourself on the purpose of the Heart. Focusing on one purpose leads you clearly in one direction, but focusing on many purposes does not lead you at all.

(v 7 - 13) Your mind is willing for distractions, because your mind is split. This is why you must focus your mind on the Heart and the leadership that is found there. When your mind is focused on the head it revels in its own distractions, and it spins within the joy of its own pain. When your mind is focused on the Heart it recalls its true joy. And in the willingness given through this memory, it lets go of the distractions of the head. In this way, the Heart leads you to become an empty shell. In this way, you surrender the experience you do not want and you welcome the one that you do.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 6) There is a voice within you that claims to be you. This voice does not try to deceive you, because this voice does believe it is you. Therefore, all that it whispers into your mind, it whispers in belief that it is truth.

But the reason that this voice is not truth is because this voice cannot see you. It cannot know you, because this voice cannot see you. Therefore, the voice is mistaken. All that it tells you, believing it is true, is based on mistake, and so it is mistaken also.

(v 7 - 12) The voice that thinks it is you has convinced you that it is you also, and so you listen to this voice as if it is you. You are loyal to its thoughts. If this voice tells you that you must defend yourself in this way or mat, you defend yourself as it says, for you believe that following the voice is your own defense of yourself. But since the voice is not you, it is not you that you defend in following it. Since this voice is the voice of a mistake about who you are, in listening to the voice you defend a mistake, but believe it is true.

(v 13,14) To listen to this voice and do as it says is to defend mat you are what you are not. To listen to this voice and do as it says is to choose to remain blinded to your truth.