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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 16 - 23) Remember your true Self as I have taught it to you. You are eternal and beyond limits of any kind. And then notice your awareness as it seems to be to you. If you do not know yourself as limitless and beyond all fear, you maintain a belief that you are what you are not. Therefore, do not take off in your way, as your way is still illusion. Follow My way, that you may be led from illusion. Then when you know no more limits upon you, you shall also know what is limitless, which means that you have again learned to remember your Self.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 5) As a servant of Mine, you will learn things that will bring you great joy. They will seem to be revealed to you, so you will know they are My gifts to you. What is revealed to you is revealed for you and for everyone. For when it is revealed to you, it is also communicated to everyone through communication to the one mind that you share. Do not judge yourself for what you believe are your shortcomings. Remember that you are practicing to be one with Me through your own decision to accept our oneness as your only truth. Because you still listen to the ego and believe it is you, you will seem to make mistakes in your own perception. But there are no real mistakes since there is only truth, which does not change, and illusion, which isn't reality. Therefore, when you believe you have made a mistake, turn to Me. Ask Me to use your perception for your learning. In this way, you open yourself for another thought of Mine to be revealed. In this way, you use everything within your experience as an opportunity to practice opening as an empty shell.

(v 6, 7) When you do not forget, and you remember to be an empty shell in service to Me, be grateful to Me and to yourself. In this way, you recognize that we are one. Do not make the mistake of believing that an empty shell is something other than Me. It is not. It is only Me. This is possible because it is an empty shell (and no one else).

Therefore, do not praise your brother or yourself apart from Me for My Word as it is shared. Thank your brother for being a shell, and be grateful that you remembered to put yourself aside. But thank Me for My Word. In that way, you acknowledge what is real for its reality, and you thank that which isn't real for recognizing its unreality and for getting out of the way of truth.

(v 8 - 17) 1 am with you to bring back the memory of who you are. With Me, you shall remember, because you recognize your Self in Me. Do not make the mistake of forgetting who I am when you do know. I am you. I am your truth. When you forget to remember what you know, you pretend to be what you are not. 'When you pretend to be what you are not, you believe what you think, and you think you are different from that which you are. I ask you to lay your thinking aside. And with it you lay aside all pretending that isn't truth. This is to make yourself an empty shell. An empty shell is not the absence of you. An empty shell is the absence of delusion, which you are not. In the clarity of your emptiness, free from the delusion of false thoughts, you are free to hear your real thoughts. These are the thoughts that you recognize as Me.

(v 18 - 21) I am not coercive upon you, because I am your truth. Because I am your truth, I am eternal and I am now. Therefore, I can wait in peace and patience for you to recognize Me. 1 can wait as long as you seem to be willing to wait. But know this:

Even your desire to wait comes from the delusion that you are what you are not.

Therefore, in choosing not to be an empty shell, you are choosing to believe delusion over truth. The truth is as it is, as it cannot be anything else. But you are choosing to believe that the truth is what it isn't so you may continue the experience of that which is untrue.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 5

(v l - 5) Jesus told you that if your hand leads you to sin, cut off your hand. And if your eye leads you to sin, cut out your eye. This is what he meant by that:

Within your mind, there are many thoughts. As long as you seem to be within illusion, there will be thoughts, because illusion is thought. But within the world of illusion, there are thoughts that lead you to put belief in illusion and thoughts that lead you to let go of these beliefs. The thoughts that lead you to believe in illusion are ego thoughts. They are the thoughts that are based on the judgment that what is was made different, and so what is different is what is real. The thoughts that lead you from illusion are the Holy Spirit's thoughts. They are based on knowledge that reality cannot be changed. They call you to lay down fantasy and to again acknowledge what has always been true.

You are asked to realize that both systems of thought are in your mind now. And you are asked to remember that you want to know the truth. Therefore, lay down the thoughts that lead you to believe in illusion. They are not useful to your purpose. They are not helpful to you now.