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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Corinthians
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 3)You, who are reading this now, have been called into My service. This is why you continue to read. Now I will teach you in order to help you in your acceptance of your role as My holy servant. (v 4 - 9)I am grateful for you and your willingness. Already your helpfulness to healing has been more than you imagine. And yet, you are just beginning this path with Me. There is so much more to do, so many more wonders for you to see and accept. You are truly a glorious gift unto your Self. I thank you for your undying willingness to heal.

(v 10 - 17) You may seem to be led into relationships with Me where one may seem to have a leadership role and one may seem to be a follower. Do not be confused by what you see in form. Each one who walks with Me walks with Me, doing easily as I ask. One day he may seem to lead, and one day he may seem to follow. With some, he may appear to be leader. With others, he may appear to follow. But all appearances, regardless of what they may be, are within the realm of perception. The realm of perception is the realm of change. So cast not your eyes upon the realm of perception, judging what seems to be the circumstance in form. Remember that My servant is one who walks with Me. And so, he is one who walks with you also. And you, as one who has accepted himself into My holy service, walks with your brother too.

(v 18 - 25) The ego is still within your mind, and it may seem to persist for some time. This is not to be cause for concern for you, but it is to be acknowledged and you are to remain aware. For if you do not remain aware and alert to the ego in your mind, you may forget to question your thinking and believe you are listening to Me when you are not. If you remember and remain aware of the ego in your mind, you can continuously question your thinking and seek for the reason you hold. As My servant, you will desire to hold to right-reason, and so where you recognize it, you shall hold it dear. Where you do not recognize right- reason, you shall choose to let your thinking go and continue to wait for the reason and guidance that comes from Me.

(v 26 - 31) Your self is to be given to Me now, that any self that is not your truth may be left behind. Choose not to cling to your self as you perceive yourself to be. Choose instead to lay your self aside and to become like an empty shell. That which is emptied shall be filled by Me, and one who is filled by Me shall know his own fullness.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 5) As an empty shell, you are filled by Me. As an empty shell, you witness the reason that is your own. Lay down your self in service to Me, that you may serve Me and come to know your Self.

(v 6 - 10) That which is revealed to you as you lay yourself aside and willingly become as an empty shell is also revealed to the mind. That which is revealed to the mind is useful in the healing of God's holy Son. In laying yourself aside and willingly becoming as a shell, you offer yourself to be useful in holiness. That to which you offer yourself is that which you are. In laying yourself aside as an offering of grace to holiness, Holiness in its Grace is offered fully to you.

(v 11 - 16) That which has opened itself to the Spirit of God by becoming as an empty shell has made a statement unto the mind that is its own. It has said, "I know I am not this thing I thought I was, as this thing cannot be my truth. So I put aside that which is false, that I may be open to receive only that which is true." When that which is false is put aside and that which is true is received and accepted, the mind listens to its truth. In its own memory, it recognizes its Self. Unto itself, it bids its Self welcome.

NTI 1 Corinthians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 4) Remember that the ego is still in your mind, and be aware of it. In that way, you may remember to set that self aside and open up to the true Self.

Practice will seem necessary before you are ready to set your self aside and not pick it back up again. Do not worry. I will give you your opportunities to practice as you are willing. So be willing to set yourself aside. As much as you are willing, I will give you circumstances for practice.

(v 5 - 9) Walk with Me in your desire to practice, and I shall walk with you. According to your willingness, you shall be given opportunities to practice, as everything that is done is done for you and by your willingness. Your willingness to practice will match with your brother's willingness to learn, so he may be brought to you, and you will be given your opportunity to practice. In this way, everyone is given by Me according to his willingness, and the Light that reaches into the mind is received through the mind's own willingness to receive it.

(v 10 - 15) Your willingness is also the measure of your joy, for in willingness you serve your true desire. In resistance, you deny it. To lay your self aside is to give willingness to let go of false illusion. To cling to your self, and your thoughts, and your fears, is to cling to illusion and to hold onto what you do not want.

Release yourself to your joy. Give to your Self by laying your self aside. In this way, you will remember more of that which you want, and your willingness to give of yourself will grow.