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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Romans
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 19 - 21) Now that your attachment is released and your question has been answered, you can let go of the illusion you do not need. That is what you are doing now, you are letting go of what you no longer have purpose for.

Letting go of illusion is a glorious occasion. Celebrate that your lesson has been learned! As illusion presents itself within the mind that you are, smile at it, remembering the purpose that it had. And let it pass, by realizing it has no purpose for you now. It has served its purpose for you. You do not want what you thought you might want. You want all God has given you instead.

(v 22,23) When the illusion seems real within the mind that you are, do not fear your experience. Remember that its "reality" is a statement of your truth, and rejoice that you are reclaiming your truth again. In knowing your Self, you know Love without division. For the wholeness of Love is the wholeness and fullness of you.

NTI Romans, Chapter 15

(v 1 - 4) Now that you see, I ask for your help. You can be used by Me for the healing of the mind, if you are willing. In order to be most helpful, you must be willing to lay yourself aside. For you can only be helpful to Me when you are under My direction, and I can only direct you when you are willing to surrender to Me.

Everything is up to you.
 You are the free Son of God.

Nothing can be coerced upon you, nor is it My Will to ask anything of you that you do not want to give. But if you are willing to give yourself to Me for My Use, I will make you useful to the healing of the mind.

(v 5, 6) Through your surrender, we are made one, even within the illusion of division. Through your surrender, our heart is combined, and you shall know Me through your Self.

(v 7 - 13) You do not see yourself as Me yet, which means that you see with the eyes of illusion. But with understanding, and willingness, and your complete surrender, you shall see Me as you. We shall be known as one in your awareness. And where we are joined, all are joined in love. So you shall know oneness, and you shall be divorced from the image of division forever.

(v 14 - 22) Laying down your will is important to your service to Me, for your illusory will is not My Will. Your illusory will is your desire to have things different. Your illusory will is your desire to have things your way. But if you look at the world and remember that it is the expression of your illusory will, you will again remember to return to your true Will, which is the same as Mine. In surrendering to Me, you surrender to your Self. In this realization, you are swept with peace and joy, for your true Will is your true desire. And in its recognition, you find your gratitude to your Self.

(v 23 - 33) Pray then, for your own end. Pray to your Father with willingness to let go of thy illusory self. It is nothing to you, and it keeps you from the realization of your truth. Do not fear the passing of this self you call home. It is not your home. And you do not belong there within your awareness. Your awareness belongs with Me. I see your true Self, and I am waiting here with you to share your Self with you.

Blessings in your prayers for willingness. Do not take your prayers lightly. They are your energy, which feeds your strength. Through them, your truth shall be known.

NTI Romans, Chapter 16

(v 1 - 16) Greet one another. In greeting one another you greet your Self, being of one mind with Me. There is no one that you meet that is not of Me, so there is no one that you meet who is not you also. As you greet him, you greet yourself.

Give patience to your brother, and you give patience to the one that you are.

Give trust to your brother, and you give trust to the one that you are.

Give hope to your brother through your practice of My every word, and you give message to your Self that My Word is true.

Give love to your brother by greeting him as one in you, and you give truth to the mind that is your Self.

Be humble with your brother, and you recognize his true Spirit, which is yours also.

Give honor to your brother, and you give remembrance, that your only truth is Me.

Give to your brother as you would give to yourself in holy remembrance of Me, and you give of your willingness to release the world and awaken from the dream of fear.

Give in peace through thought to the world that is you. This is the way to remember your truth, which is peace and freedom and Love.

(v 17 - 19) Give thought to your thoughts, and be aware, for that which is thought is you. Believe the thoughts that speak not of your truth, and you accept a message that's untrue.

To be free of delusion, release delusional thoughts. Listen to them no more. Be aware that you perceive and believe as you think. Question what you think against that which you truly desire.

(v 20) To let go of division-based thoughts is to let go of all that isn't true. This frees the mind of what it believes and opens it to remember its truth.

(v 21 - 27) Now I ask you to remember your Father, Whose Will has sent this Voice to you. It is the Will of oneness and peace, and of truth that is forever true.

To remember your Father is to remember your truth. You are loved and you are forever free. In your oneness you are blessed as the holy Son of God. In your oneness, you are forever your truth. Love your Self, as Love is what you are. Forever be kind and gentle. Give nothing that is not deserving in the Mind of Peace, and you honor your truth through thought. Amen.