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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Romans
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

And now you know that you do not want this desire or these thoughts. You are ready to return to the one Will that is your Father. Say good-bye to your dream and to the ancient desire that has grown cold. Return with Me to what has never changed and to that which remains true forever.

(v 31 - 39) There is nothing to fear within a world of illusion within the mind. There are only thoughts to look at as you decide you do not want them anymore. Take My hand and follow Me as I lead you back to your Father. Do not shrink from your dream, as it is not real. Your hiding will only delay us on our path. Let's hurry now, back to the joy of your Father. Let's pass through your dream, see it is not real, and return in glee to all that is real and has not changed.

NTI Romans, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 18) I ask you to give your willingness to accept that the world is not real. I ask you to give Me your willingness, that I may show you this is true.

When you look at the world, it is helpful to remember that you look at nothing but thought. Everything you experience, everything you see, everything you think you know is the expression of thought. Give your willingness to see all that you experience as thought. Give your willingness to see that the world is not real.

When you do not understand what you see or experience within the world, do not try to understand it. Do not try to justify that which confuses you. To try to understand what cannot be understood, or to attempt to justify confusion, is to want it to fit within your illusion of reality. Give willingness to see that it is not real. Give willingness to see that it is only thought.

You try to understand and you try to give reason to your experience, because you want to reconcile your world with truth. You want all that you believe to be the truth, and you want truth to be true too. This reconciliation can never be accomplished. That which is not true cannot become true, and that which is truth cannot fit within illusion.

Do you try to understand that which you know is not true? Do you try to explain fantasy? Dismiss your desire to defend the world. Be willing to see it's not real. Be willing to see it is only thought.

There are many thoughts in the world that will confuse you if you insist on believing they are real. You must be willing not to believe the thoughts you see, the thoughts you experience, or the thought that seems to be you.

In the world you will see what seems to be unfairness, cruelty and suffering. Do not blame these on your brother. Do not blame these on God. To blame what you see on anyone or anything is to accept what you see as real. You must be willing to see that it is not real. You must be willing to not let illusion be hardened.

(v 19 - 24) The one you seem to be within the world is not your reality. Do not mourn it. Do not be grateful for it. To mourn it or to be grateful for it is to believe in illusion. Be willing to see that the one you think you are is only an expression of thought. Be willing to look beyond the thought and acknowledge the Thinker of the thought as you. Do not fear that what you think is a statement of your truth. Do not fear there is truth to your guilt. Do not fear there is hideousness in your nature. Do not ask to be a hero. Do not ask to be good. Do not ask to be anything at all. Give only your willingness to let go of illusions. Give your willingness to know your truth.

(v 25 - 33) Do not fear God. There is no judgment in God. Judgment is the tool of illusion. God is truth absent of illusion. Be willing to think with God.

Do not fear the world. Do not fear what seems to happen in the world. Be willing to see it is not true. Be willing to see it is thought born of fantasy. Be willing to let fantasy go.

Do not fear time. It is not your home. It survives in the mind as a dream. Be willing to awaken. Be willing to let it all go. Be willing to see time isn't true.

Do not fear division. It is illusion. There is no truth in division at all. Be willing to forgive that which isn't true by being willing to let it go from your thought.

NTI Romans, Chapter 10

(v 1 - 4) The answer to your salvation is found within your own willingness. The power that sets you free is you. There is no power outside of you that determines salvation or sets you free. Within, your willingness joins with your own Holy Spirit, and this is the path of freedom. Together they lead you from the forest of illusion into the sunshine of reality.

(v 5 - 13) The Word is near you. It is in your mouth and in your heart. The Love of God is in you, and it is with you. When you trust your Self through your willingness, you trust the strength and power and gentleness of God to guide you from your illusions to the remembrance of truth. When you find resistance in your heart and your mind, put not your trust there. When you find resistance, remember what you truly want. Rest, so that resistance will pass over you. When you find willingness, clasp hands with your Holy Spirit in joy! Walk forward in trust and willingness. This is your desire awakened, and it is leading you Home.