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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Romans
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

But then you look at Jesus, and in Him you see the Light, and something inside of you rests. It rests, because it knows that it need not worry. The truth is still within you. And if Jesus is your truth, then everything else must not be, and so you must not be guilty. You just need to let go of that which isn't truth, and follow your recognition of truth back to your awareness of true.

(v 13) The Holy Spirit is within you also, and the Holy Spirit is more than a symbol. The Holy Spirit is the pure reflection of truth within the memory of your mind. This memory is not past. Indeed, it is what is very real now. But it is outside of awareness, outside of what you believe, calling you back to what is true now.

(v 14 - 20) Your conscious awareness is based on what you believe, but it is not a reflection of truth. To call you back to truth, through the forest of your conscious awareness, the Holy Spirit sends symbols of Light. These symbols come in many forms and many manners, of which Jesus is one. But they are all symbols leading you back to your truth, which is beyond your belief and conscious awareness.

(v 21 - 25) Your task is simple, as it is simply this: Remember that the universe is a reflection of the past, because it is the reflection of a past wish or past belief in the mind. Remember that your truth waits outside this wish, and your truth is calling you Home. Remain alert to the symbols that are sent into your conscious awareness to follow. Lock onto them, and be led Home. Let everything else pass as you see it. See it only as a reflection of the past, a mere shadow, and let it pass by without attachment. Stay with the Light. Follow the Light, and it will lead safely and easily Home.

NTI Romans, Chapter 8

(v 1 - 4) The world, and all you think about the world, is illusion. There is not one thought that you have about the world that is true, except that the world has no truth in it. This is a true thought. This is a true thought given to you by Me and echoed through Jesus. This is what he meant when he said he had overcome the world. This is what he meant when he said that his kingdom is not of this world. Jesus learned through willingness to see that the world is not truth and truth is not of the world.

(v 5 - 8) The mind that believes in the world believes what it experiences to be true. And so it lives the experience as if it is true, and it suffers heartache. But the mind that accepts the Spirit's interpretation of the world accepts that the world is not true. And so it does not suffer its experience, because it has accepted that truth is beyond experience. This mind knows peace, because it also knows that that which isn't true cannot affect the truth.

(v 9 - 11) Life is not in the world. Life is beyond the world. The Spirit of God is Life, but the Spirit of God is not in the world, because the Spirit of God is truth, and there is no truth in the world. You are Life, and you are truth also, so you must not be in the world, for there is no truth in the world. The world is an illusion of experience within the mind. You are not in the world.

(v 12 - 17) You are the Son of God, not by your birth, which is illusion, but by your truth, which is of God. You need not earn who you are by acts in a world of illusion. You are who you are through truth, which is of God.

The world is a world of thought. And every thought that you have ever had is expressed in the world. But the world is like a playground where thoughts can be expressed freely without affecting reality. You have become lost in the playground of your mind. And you have frightened yourself there. But your Home is unchanged and unaffected by your imaginary play. Your Father's Heart knows only your truth. And now you are called to lay aside play and come Home to the truth of who you are.

(v 18 - 25) Creation is not suffering over your experience in the world. Heaven sheds not one tear, for Heaven neither cries nor has compassion for that which hasn't happened.

My dear child, listen to Me now and listen to Me well. AII that you experience and believe to be true is not true. It is an experience dreamed up within your mind to satisfy a curiosity that you posed. Only you have come to believe your own dream, and this is why you suffer. Heaven docs not believe what isn't real, and Heaven does not suffer, but she does wait eagerly and lovingly to welcome you back to the realization of your Self.

Be at peace and know your truth within your Heart. The Love that you are is written there as a reminder of your truth. Be quiet, and know your truth. Be still a moment, and know all is well.

(v 26, 27) The Holy Spirit is your truth. This is why He knows your prayers. You are your Holy Spirit and your Holy Spirit is you. Open your mind and welcome your Self unto your Self.

(v 28 - 30) All are God's sons and all are predestined to know themselves, because all are a reflection of one mind. There is no separation, because there is no truth outside one mind. That which exists within one mind is that Mind, and so it is one.

The thoughts within the mind reflect the beliefs that the mind holds dear. Beliefs are based on judgment, and judgment is based on desire. The desire that leads you to judge is the desire to express self-will. Behold! Look at the world! This is the expression of self-will, which you desired.