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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Romans
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 15 - 17) One thought of guilt was born into your mind through one judgment of yourself for something you did not do. This, then, is imagined guilt, multiplied in the world through your belief in what you made. But that which is untrue is nothing, and nothing multiplied infinitely still remains nothing. Therefore, all of the guilt that you perceive to be a part of the world and to be a part of you remains what it has always been. It remains nothing, multiplied as nothing, and so it is forever and under all circumstances nothing.

(v 18, 19) Nothing need not be atoned for, and nothing need not be forgiven, because it is nothing. It does not exist in the eyes of God. Nothing need be done to erase that which is nothing, because it is already nothing.

Therefore, through your being you are atoned. Through your truth, you are forgiven. For never have you not been atoned and never have you not been forgiven, because never has a state existed that was anything but your perfection.

(v 20, 21) The rules and options that you have made allow for your continued judgment, but your judgment is not God's judgment. Therefore, your judgment is nothing real. And what is not real cannot make real.

Your judgment is not real, and so your guilt is not real either. This is the truth that you deny. God asks you to accept your truth, as there is no fear in truth. Fear is the product of fantasy.

NTI Romans, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 4) Jesus is a symbol of all that is possible with you, because Jesus lived as a symbol of all that is true with you. Jesus was the symbol of life, perfection, love, wisdom, innocence, and devotion. This is true of you. This is your truth. Jesus was the symbol of your truth.

(v 5 - 7) Jesus is a symbol of all that is possible with you, because Jesus lived as a symbol of all that is true of you. You are Jesus, and Jesus is you. There is no separation between him and you. You know this, if you close your eyes. For when you close your eyes, you can find him there. He is a part of you, within you, a being within your soul.

Jesus is a part of you, so that all that he accomplished, he accomplished within you. And that which has been accomplished within you has been accomplished by you, so that it may continue to be accomplished until it has been accomplished in full.

(v 8 - 14) The universe is in your mind, so that all that has been accomplished has been accomplished by you. And within this universe, the model that rises to the top of your mind is the symbol of the man called Jesus. This is because Jesus represents your true desire. Jesus is the freedom you want to be. Everything else that floats within the universe of the mind is from a past desire and is not your current desire anymore.

You may let the past go. You need not keep anything you do not want. Focus your eyes on Jesus and know the love in your own Heart. This is your truth. This is your Heart's desire. In surrendering into this truth, you find your joy.

(v 15 - 18) You are not a slave. You are not a victim. Nothing can be given you that you do not want. You are the free and holy and treasured Son of God. All that you want is yours. And when you look at your brother Jesus, you see what you want. When you look at your brother Jesus, you recognize what is yours.

When you look at your brother Jesus, you are not looking outside your mind. You are not seeing the past or looking into the future. When you look at your brother Jesus and you recognize what you want, you are looking into your mind now and seeing him. You are looking in your Heart now and recognizing him. You are looking within you now, and you are finding him there, fully accomplished, all that he is, living within your mind.

(v 19 - 23) You are eternal, as all of eternity is within you. God is eternity, and the extension of God is you. But you have shut off your mind to the eternity that is there. You have looked away and promised to look at only a fragment of your mind. This is why you believe in time. You believe a fragment is now and everything else is not now. But everything is now. Eternity is in your mind, and you are in the Mind of Eternity. And Jesus, who shares your mind with you, is the symbol of your recognition that this is true.

Close your eyes. Jesus is in your mind. He is no where else. You know him and experience him no where else. Jesus is in your mind now. He is a part of you.

NTI Romans, Chapter 7

(v 1 - 6) With Jesus, you have been released, because with Jesus, a belief has been loosened in the mind. With Jesus, the thought that you are forever separate from God, forever within a spatial compartment of time, forever a slave to your own invention...with Jesus, this was all undone.

In Jesus you see the Limitlessness that is your truth. In Jesus you see your innocence and love. In Jesus, your perfection remains unmarred. My dear child, through the symbol of Jesus, you glimpse your own truth! Through Jesus you have been released, because a Light now shines clearly within the mind. Focus on this Light and realize you have found your truth. And follow this Light with Me.

(v 7- 12) You are the mind that made the world, so all of the world is within you. Is this a sin? You asked this question, and you decided it was. And then you went on to decide that you were sinful. And much of what you see within the world of your mind is a clear reflection of your belief.