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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Romans
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 25 - 27) However, the game that you play has become like a trap. For within the rules and the options, the good and the evil, the building block of judgment continues to be made. As your guilt is expressed with your desire to be gentle, the web of belief grows dense. That which is fantasy seems to be real. Its drama seems to be life.

(v 28,29) This is how you've seemed to become that which you aren't at all. None of it is true. None of it is you. And yet, you believe it is so. It is this we must look at and this we must let go, because it is false and only believed to be true.

NTI Romans, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 8) Within your mind reason is confused, because you believe all that isn't true. You cannot truly judge at all, because you know nothing on which to decide. Your world is a fantasy of beliefs based on experience created through judgment without basis. Again, let's look at its beginning: You asked, "What if everything was different than it is?" That was an impossible question, pure fantasy. But then you judged the fantasy as if it was real and decided through judgment that it was. This judgment did not make the unreal real. It only enlivened fantasy within the mind.

Then you judged yourself for what you did not do, and you began the expression of guilt. "Every option and every judgment that came from this was an option or judgment based on fantasy, and so it resulted in additional layers of fantasy.

Nothing outside fantasy has ever changed. Everything that is still is as it is. You are inside a place that isn't. None of it is true. It has no basis. There is literally nothing there to judge.

(v 9 -20) This world is based on a misperception of guilt, but it is not based on sin. The sin that you judged yourself for was the sin of making what isn't. But what isn't cannot be made, and so you have not sinned. The guilt that you feel and believe and express is all a part of the fantasy. You only feel it and express it because you believe it, but your belief doesn't make it true.

(v 21 - 31) God is the knowledge of truth. God is the absence of fantasy. God -is forever, because truth is forever. And God's truth is within you. Nothing real has ever been lost by imagining something different.

Since truth is within you, the way out of fantasy lies within you also. This is the good news of you. To return to your truth, complete and pure and innocent, all you need do is unweave your way out of fantasy. You reverse the "laws" that made it by ceasing to play the game. You let go of judgment and all perceived guilt. You no longer believe what isn't true.

When that which makes fantasy is let go as a practice, the fantasy begins to fade. As the fantasy fades, the Light that is truth shines through. Then you will follow the Light to your Home, which is back to the awareness of truth without fantasy, which is back to all that is true.

NTI Romans, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 12) O Holy Son of God, there is one thing that you must know. You are loved. You are deeply and truly, eternally treasured and loved. This Love that is extended you from God and through God is not extended you for what you do. Therefore, this Love cannot be stopped because of what you do not. God's Love, extended to you, is eternal because God's Love, extended through you, is extended for what you are. There are no criteria on which this Love is dependent. You are and so you are loved, and this Love is eternal.

(v 13 - 15) Existence is Love, and Love is existence. You are loved, because God created you existence. In creating you, God extended Himself. In extending His Truth, that which is Enrichment was enriched further. So in your existence, God Himself is enriched. This is why you are His joy. You are His own enrichment. And that which enriches God must be Enrichment Itself.

(v 16, 17) No part of you is absent from God's Enrichment, for every part of you exists. Every part of you is a part of God's joy. Every part of you is welcome in the Heart and smile of God, because every part of you is His Heart and His smile, without exception and without reservation at all.

(v 18 - 25) God's Love is His Promise to you, and God's Love is eternal. It cannot be taken back, nor does He Will that it be taken back. God Himself is grateful to you for your existence, because you are the extension of His Own Love. And in the extension of His Love, he finds His Glory, and He calls that Glory, you.

NTI Romans, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 5) God's Love is not unknown to you, because God's Love lies in you. You are God's Love. And God's Love is your truth. Nothing can change this fact, because you are the extension of His Love. Through the extension of Love, you were created. And so you were created Love. And Love is what you are.

(v 6 - 11) God's Truth has no end, and so it has not ended in you. You are the truth of God in your existence. There is no end to His Truth, so there is no end to you. You are forever blessed in the Heart of God, forever His joy and His smile. No sin shall cross your mind, because there is no sin in you. You are the perfect and sinless Son of God that lives within Him now and forever.

(v 12 - 14) As I have told you, the world was made by guilt, but guilt is not sin. Guilt is only the belief in sin. But I come to you as God's holy and ordained Messenger to tell you that in His eyes, you have not sinned. In His knowledge, you have not moved from His Heart. In His awareness, you remain forever a part of His smile.