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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Romans
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Romans, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 7) This opening, which you are reading now, contains a very simple message of love. ALL are invited into the Awareness of God, as none are to be left out. This is an important message that I ask you to be quiet and accept now:

All are invited into the Awareness of God, and none are to be left out.

(v 8 - 17) I am the Holy Spirit, and I come to you on this day to teach you and to take you further along the path with Me. Until now, you were not ready for the full devotion that I will ask, but you have recognized the hint of your release, and you are ready now. And so I will teach you what you have come to learn. Together, we are blessed.

(v 18 - 32) Within you, there is a wish. This wish is not within anyone else, although you would rather see it there. This wish is hidden deep within your mind, hidden by layers of smoke. Before we go together to look at this wish, there is something I want you to know. The wish is only a thought. It is nothing else at all. It can best be described as a curiosity that you wanted to explore. It is really nothing...nothing at all. I am very grateful that you have expressed your freedom and explored your wish. Now the curiosity can be let go. ''I am your guide as I show you what you have learned in a daydream within the mind. Join with Me in peace and detachment as we giggle at your thought in gratitude that it could be thought and let go.

NT I Romans, Chapter 2

(v 1- 4) Judgment is a fantasy. It is like a game that you have played, but it means absolutely nothing at all. It is like a toy, a building block that has given structure to your curious thought. It allowed you to create alleyways and byways and to try this and to try that. But it was all within the field of fantasy, an amazing expression of curiosity. And it was never any more than that. Imagine yourself with this idea, for this was the idea that you had:

 What if nothing was as it is?
 What if I could make something completely different,
 and make it whatever I want?
 What would that be like?

"Your idea was just a curiosity, a daydream of exploration and really nothing at all, since the first question asked sets up an impossible hypothesis and one that can never be true. But in your freedom and the innocence of your curiosity, you set out to think a little more. You needed a tool to create this experience that would allow you to explore. The building block that you made was judgment, or decision, and this became a new "creative force." It allowed for experience without creation. And from judgment, experience was made.

(v 5 - 11) With judgment made to build experience, you needed something to judge. You needed a place to start making this experience of something different than it is. So you took what you had, an idea in the mind, and you applied judgment to that. When judgment was applied, something new was made, so your experience began immediately. Suddenly before you were two options set. And for the first time ever, you had a decision to make.

Your curiosity was nothing and did not mean a thing, so nothing at all had changed. This was an option given to consider, and it offered the opportunity to laugh. But the second was different and led deeper into the game. It was an opportunity to believe that the idea had become so, and nothing is as it was. Struck with this second option, you became engrossed by it. And you tossed the first option aside. Faced with reality and the option of fantasy, you chose to step into the fantasy. It was at this point that you began to forget, and you practiced the game of judgment again. But this time in error, you judged yourself for what was not true, and you believed your judgment of yourself. This is how you seemed to step into a script, then lose your way out again. But it is just a script and nothing more at all. There is nothing at all to fear.

(v 12 - 16) Judgment is the tool that built the world, and judgment keeps the experience alive. But judgment came from nothing but an impossible idea and the desire to think about it some more. All judgment is fantasy. Judgment spins fantasy. Judgment is a way to explore. It is a game, a folly, and nothing more. It has no purpose and makes nothing real. Judgment is a web of meaningless thoughts given only the power of fantasy and absolutely nothing more.

(v 17 - 24) The game you have made to test your curiosity is a game with rules and options. This gives you the ability to continue to make judgments and to continue to play the game. The rules and options are important for another reason as well. The game that you play is a game of guilt and innocence, right and wrong, good and evil. To play this game in this way, there must be rules and options and there needs to be winners and losers. This is a game that lets you express the guilt you feel for playing the game, while mitigating your feeling of guilt at the same time. In this way, the game is an attempt to be gentle with yourself. It is an expression of love. You believe that you are guilty, based on your own judgment of yourself for the idea and game that you made. But you also know to be gentle with yourself, so both are in the game that you play.