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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 13 - 26) Each circumstance is an opportunity to learn, if you will only give your ear to Me. No opportunity is lost, as I am always willing to love you and teach you. It Is only this that you must remember, and then you can always decide:

In each circumstance and every situation along the way to Me, I am there with you, offering help and guidance. Never am I not there. Never can you make a mistake that will drive Me away. But it is also true that you can only hear My Word and accept My Help if you are willing to see that the answer to all things is Me. If you choose to limit the circumstances in which I may help, My Help is limited. If you choose to solve your problems on your own, My answer remains unheard. Always, I am with you able to help. Always, without exception, I am there. But you must be willing to know Me and accept Me in order to receive Me as yours.

(v 27 - 32) When you are ready to give up your trust in yourself, you are ready to accept your trust in Me. When you have seen that your answers do not lead to peace, you will be ready to accept peace through Me.

(v 33 - 38) Trust does not come from suspense and anxiety. You must be willing to give those to Me. Suspense and anxiety say you cannot trust. There is no peace to be found in them.

When you are tempted to be afraid or tempted to worry, you must remember Me. Remember that fear, suspense, anxiety and worry arc the expressions of the belief that you are alone and without Me. Then be willing to see that deep within your heart, at the very depth of your soul, you know you are not alone. You know that the fear of being alone, abandoned and helpless is an illusion that cannot be true. It is from this knowledge, this inner awareness that will not go away, that you will find the willingness to put fear and anxiety aside. Get quiet with Me. Go to your stillness.

Settle within that place that knows. It is here that you will find your nourishment to carry you forward with Me. In the stillness, you find trust. In the stillness, you know Me.

(v 39 - 44) It is also useful to remember, when you cannot seem to be still, that the drama that seems to occupy is only a script in the mind. By watching it unfold and trusting in the Power behind it, you will find the peace in the chaos. You will know the joy. And in this way, you can be helpful to those who do not seem to know. Through inner calmness on the seas of a storm, you provide a means of listening to Me. By trusting and remaining open to the Power beyond the script, you help the script and the actors to play along with Me.

NTI Acts, Chapter 28

(v 1 - 10) "Keeping your wits about you" is remembering to listen to Me. Always, in every circumstance, you must forget the voice that comes first and be willing to listen to Me. I will not make you wait in order to test you. I am ready to answer you now. But you must be willing to put the other voice aside, and ask for the response and the answer that comes to you from Me.

(v 11 - 16) Always, God's Love is with you. Always, you are in His Arms. You may trust in this truth, because it cannot fail to be true. When you relax into Him, you shall know that you are carried. As you relax into Him, you know His care.

(v 17 - 31 ) The message that I give you now is a simple one.

Everything is up to you.

You are the holy and the blessed free Son of God. Nothing can change what you are. You are forever what your Father created you to be. No freedom shall ever be taken from you. In your freedom, you play with a script. It is yours, and you are free to play. Play as long as you want, my child of God. Nothing will ever inhibit your freedom. But my child, understand that your freedom is free. And so your own script cannot limit you. You may choose it as long as you choose, but when you are ready, there is another Script, and that Script is Me.

You have two choices in the play of the world: the play of the world or leaving it. The voice of the ego is the script of the world, because it chooses to express self-will. But the Holy Spirit's Voice is the way from the play, because it chooses to exercise Self and to know the fullness of freedom. God blesses you, child, in the voice that you choose. You are free and the expression of freedom. Amen.