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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 24

(v I - 9) Do not be afraid to face your accusers. Do not be afraid of pain. Look forward to the opportunity to see what you have wished, knowing what is wished is not true. The end of wishing is the end of illusions. Face your wish, and then take it back. This is the great release that you face! This is your path to freedom.

(v 10 - 21) Know that when you face your wish, it may not at all seem easy. This is because the root of belief makes your wish real to you. When you face that which you fear, there is one thing you must remember.

What you look on Is not at all real, and you face It to deny It.

When you deny what seems real, you are only being truthful, for it has no reality at all. Grab onto Me as your courage, hold tight to your faith, and trust that your belief is wrong.

(v 22 - 27) Know that you will not face your wish fully until you are fully ready to see. Remember your freedom. Nothing can be given you that you are not willing to receive. Until you are ready, your wish will remain hidden. It will be in sight, but you will choose not to see. And I will be with you, strengthening you according to your willingness, walking towards the wish that you do want to see.

NTI Acts, Chapter 25

(v 1 - 12) You do not know how to see, and so you are afraid of what you look at when there is nothing there to fear. Let Me show you how to see so you will not be afraid, and you will walk willingly along this path with Me.

The world is not real. It is like a play, with actors playing their roles. Only in the play of the world, the script has been forgotten, so that the play seems very real.

This play has many endings, like slits cut in the script, where one can choose to step out of the play. But if one believes the play and is focused on playing his role, he will miss his opportunities to step out.

As you read this story of Paul, see it as a script, just as your life is a script. Imagine yourself in the role of Paul. See what is playing out. Imagine yourself in that play.

As you play the role of Paul, you have many choices in how to play. You can become Paul completely and forget there is a script. You can see the Jews as your enemies, and struggle against them in your mind. But if you choose this, you lose the awareness that it is a script, and you will forget to watch for the Light that signals the way to step out.

As you play the role of Paul, you have another choice as to how to play. You can look at the Romans and the Jews and remember that they are all a part of you playing a role in a script. They may seem to have forgotten that they play only roles, but you can observe them and remember for them, so that you have the perspective of the script,

(v 13 - 22) When you remember the script, the drama is removed and replaced with a feeling of love. For then you see that each player in the script has only one purpose for you. Each one is playing his role so that the script may unfold and lead you to your place to step out. Each one is your brother and your savior engaged fully in helping you to find your slit of release.

(v 23 - 27) As the script plays out, you may realize your joy and realize your gratitude for your brothers. For everything is working just as it is set to work to bring you to the place of release.

NTI Acts, Chapter 26

(v 1 - 32) There is a reason for your role in the play and a reason to let the script continue. -As you play your part, remembering it is but a part, others will see the script in you. They will loosen their hold on the drama of the play as they begin to see beyond it through you. Through them, others will awaken, until no one is left in the play.

NTI Acts, Chapter 27

(v 1 - 12)Following this path with Me will seem to lead you to many places and many stops along the way. Each place and each stop serves a purpose. It is to increase your willingness to follow Me.

If you are to exit the script that is the world and join with Me as a true teacher of the Son of God, you must be willing to follow Me in all things. You must be willing to listen to only Me. And so you will be led to circumstances and lessons that will be used to increase your faith and trust and reliability on Me.