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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 27 - 36) Now let's talk about what you must do in all things, for your actions in the world serve only one purpose, and that is the healing of the mind. Your actions are not your purpose, but the outward expression of a means. The means to the purpose is listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit within the mind.

As we have stated many times, the mind that you know is split. It seems to be split between illusion and truth, but what is split between real and unreal has no split at all. For how can the unreal engender a split of that which is truth and wholly, without division, real?

So in your mind, which is not split at all, there is the illusion of splitness, and it is the illusion that must be healed by bringing that which is untrue to that which is truth. To enable this healing, you must do one thing. You must be willing to experience the untrue and give it over to truth. Given to truth, the untrue cannot stand, for it has no foundation to stand on.

This is why you must be willing to look at the thoughts in your mind. You cannot fear them, for to fear them is to make them seem real. you will not escape that which you make real through choice.

This is why I have told you that the self-will desires the world. It is so you would be willing not to. Do not desire it by making it real. Let it go in your mind as purposeless.

By denying purpose within the world, you choose to share purpose with Me. Our one purpose is the healing of one Will, which cannot be split and is not.

Choose illusion or truth, as that is the only choice given you. To choose illusion is to deny the truth and to delay the recognition of what is.

(v 37 - 40) Peace be to you in your choice for right-reason, the choice for trust and healing.

NTI Acts, Chapter 22

(v 1 - 21) The third stage on the path with Me is the stage of guidance or service. This is the time when the merging will occur. For through your willingness, I will willingly work My Will through you. Be fore this stage, two things must occur: the loosening and letting go. Throughout this stage, two things must occur: continued loosening and letting go. For loosening and letting go are the path to healing. They must continue until you know you are healed. When you reach the third phase of the path, enough loosening and letting go has been accomplished to enable you to be willing to see. Sight is acceptance and surrender to Me, so it is willingness to put self-will aside.

(v 22 - 29) During the third stage with Me, you will know My Presence, for your faith will open your eyes to Me. You will know you are led and cared for, and you will surrender more self-will to Me. This is how the merging occurs. It is through your own willingness to surrender to Me. As you see more evidence that you have surrendered to peace, you will willingly give more to Me. As self-will is placed aside as meaningless and undesired by you, the Will that fills the space is your true Will, which is also Me. What seemed to be separate gradually becomes one, until it is evident that "separate" never was. Your true Will is Me, only you chose not to see. And now that you see, you know.

(v 30) Question your reason. Look inside. The answer that is true is within you. Ask who you are, and listen to know. The answer that is will come to you.

NTI Acts, Chapter 23

(v 1 - 11) As you walk the path with Me, things will not seem to get easier. They may seem to get very, very tough. But there is a reason for this, and it is an important one, so I ask you to listen to Me carefully now. You perceive yourself as separate. I have told you that you are not. If you are not separate from anything at all, then everything that is must be a part of you. This is the only way it can be true that you are not separate from anything at all. When you look at the world, you see cruelty. This cruelty you see as separate from you. Yet if you are honest, you know that the cruelty lives in you as a wish. It is important to note that the cruelty is a wish, for a wish is not what you are. A wish is what you are not, but what you may pretend to be.

Listen to Me carefully. You are not at all who you think yourself to be. The world is not what you think it is. Everything you experience is the expression of a wish, but a wish is not what it is. In order to see beyond the wish that you made, you must take away the wish. This is why, as you walk this path with Me, things may seem to get very tough. I am showing you the wish that you made, so you may choose to let go of the wish.

(v 12 - 22) The wish you made, you have denied, and you do not want to claim it. You see your wish as a terrible sin, and you fear more than anything to face it. But it is important for you to know that if you do not face it and let it go, the wish continues to be wished. It is a wish that you have made, and it has all the power you have given it. As such, the wish continues until you face the wish and choose not to wish it anymore. Because you fear your wish, there is something you will unconsciously do. Without realizing that you are doing it, you will give ail that you have to avoid facing your wish. You will struggle more than you know to keep yourself in denial. But to stay in denial is to keep the wish. Denial is not what you want.

(v 23 - 35) Denial is delay. Avoidance is delay. Even peace and happiness in a world of fear is delay in giving up your wish. Be not fooled by yourself. You want very much to be healed. You must face that which makes you sick, accept it is given by your own wish, and choose not to be sick anymore.