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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 13 - 24) Faith in Me will help you in this phase of your path, for you will be severely tempted to turn away from all that I have taught. To help you, let Me explain the source of your temptation, so that you will not be fooled. The temptation may seem to come from outside of you. It may seem to come from the "reality" of the world, but the world's "reality" is only a smoke screen over the illusion in your mind. Whatever pressure you feel from the world is temptation living within your own mind. The world is the reflection of the desire for self-will. That is why there seems to be so many selves with a will of their own. The world is a perfect reflection of all it was made to be, but the world is a reflection of illusion, based on the illusion believed within the mind. If you look at the world and believe it as true, you accept reinforcement of illusion in the mind. To let go of illusion is to let go of the world. It is the opposite of reinforcement.

The source of your temptation is this:

There is a part of you that is willing for God's Will and a part of you that is not. The part that is not is the voice of self-will, the voice that does not want to let go of the self.

This voice loves the world, because it is the reflection of its wishes. This voice maintains the world is true, so this voice is the source of all temptation. You will see things in the world that will seem to be true. They will tempt you to hold onto your thoughts. But the world is the reflection of separate self-will. To listen to the world is to continue to accept illusion. You must have faith in Me above everything you see, hear and experience in the world. This is to put true Will above that of illusion. The temptation is temptation of illusion. To resist temptation is to desire the truth.

(v 25 - 31) The self-will will seem to fight desperately for its illusion, for illusion is the home of an illusory will. But be not fooled by the twists within its statements. Illusion is not truth, and you do not want an illusory will. Watch your mind carefully and be alert to illusion. Be not fooled by the world. To let go of what you see, hear and experience within the world is to let go of your thoughts of illusion. And to let go of the thoughts of illusion is to be released from illusion itself. This is what you want, because only the truth is true, and what you seek is truth.

(v 32 - 38) Do not fear that you are alone as you release your thoughts of illusion. Do not fear that you will be left with nothing. For the Light of God is all that you are, and illusion is what you are not. In releasing illusion, you release only what is untrue. Nothing is lost to nothingness. And in releasing illusion, you give yourself all that is truth and you. Until the time when you do not need Me, I am with you, guiding you and holding you. I am your comforter, your teacher, your love and your guide. I am everything to you, because I am your connection to truth. Turn to Me during your trials and temptations. I will not let you down. I will accept the gift of your willingness and give you all that you ask. I am your Support, and you are supported. Together we will undo what needs to be undone.

NTI Acts, Chapter 21

(v 1 - 6) Your reason, as we have already discussed, is important on this path with Me. It is a straight path with the opportunity for detours. All detours equal delay. Questioning your reason will help to reduce delay. Whenever you are tempted to do anything, question whether it is temptation or prompt. Temptation comes from fear, the ego, and the desire for self-will. A prompt is given by the Holy Spirit through your willingness to listen to Him.

(v 7 - 16) The Will of the Holy Spirit is healing. He has no other will or purpose within the world. When you join with His purpose, your only purpose is healing, and no other purpose shall distract you from it. Trust in the Holy Spirit and His Will. All that He offers you is all that you ask. It is your true Will that leads you to listen to Him. It is your true Will that knows your way. Listen to Him and follow Him. Your true Will is the way of rejoicing.

(v 17 - 26) I will lead you through right-reason to what is right for you to do within the world. Everything that I ask you to do is not for the world, but for the healing of God's Son.

I will I ask you to do things that make sense within the laws and reason of the world. When I ask you to do these things, do them, trusting they are right for the healing of all.

I wilt also ask you to do things that do not make sense within the laws and reason of the world. When I ask you, do these things, trusting they are used in Love for the healing of all.