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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 11 - 22) When you search for Me without knowing where to look, you can be misled by your own semen of unworthiness. For the unworthiness believed within the mind will tell yon that others have what you do not. This may lead you to accept what you would otherwise not accept. Do not let the voice of unworthiness fool you. No one has what you do not. Everyone has the same. So as you read and listen to the teachers that cross your path, also feel what they say within. If you arc to accept what you road or what you hear, I will tell you from within to accept it. You will know it is for you, because I have told you it is. If you do not feel an internal confirmation to pay attention and accept what you read or what you hear, you may lot it go. It may not be for you, or it may not be for you now.

Do not make the mistake of judging messages or teachers that are not for you. They may be perfect for someone else or they may be perfect for their own development at this time. Trust in Me and remember ell things work together for God. Then go where you are to go and accept what you are to accept by following the guidance and knowing that leads you from within. Trust yourself, for in trusting you, you trust Me.

(v 23 - 41) Within you, there is a reason that knows, and there is another reason that does not know. It can seem confusing deciding which reasoning to listen to when they seem to be different, and they seem to both be yours. Therefore, I will teach you the characteristics of the ego's reasoning, and I will teach you the characteristics of Holy Spirit's right-reason. This will help you to recognize each in your mind. Then you may choose to pick one and to dismiss the other as meaningless.

The ego's reasoning is based on a desire to protect individual self-will. The ego's reasoning sees a "me" and a "them," and it desires very much to protect individual self-interests over the interests of others. It may also join with a group to protect the group's interests, but it is always seeing the need to protect one from another. Therefore, the ego's reasoning sees division and expects attack. Always, in one form or another, it expects attack from someone or something outside of it. The ego never expects love and acceptance, because the ego does not see itself as worthy of anything except attack.

Because the ego expects attack and has a desire to protect itself from its perceived threat, the ego engages in defense. The defenses of the ego can take many forms, but always there is the underlying desire to protect from attack.

The ego may engage in an attack-first tactic or a smear campaign. The ego may try to hide or utilize evasive maneuvers. The ego may cry and plead its case as victim, hoping to win outside support. The ego may try to outsmart an opponent or elevate itself to artificial standing. The ego will use many defenses, including denial, depression and pain; all are designed to protect self-will from imagined or perceived attack.

The ego expects attack, because it believes it deserves it. The ego is fearful, sees itself as unworthy, and believes in its own guilt. These are also characteristics of the ego. It is driven by fear, guilt and unworthiness, so that it reasons itself into behaviors based solely upon these unconscious beliefs. The ego is seldom aware of the underlying beliefs that seem to drive all of its reactions and everything it does. This is why you must slow down and ask yourself why. Before running off to an action or reaction that immediately seems right or natural to you, you must seek in quiet to ask yourself why. And you must continue to ask why until you understand the nature of your reason.

The ego is the nature that desires to protect you from attack based on its fear, guilt and unworthiness. If you find these at the basis of your reason, you can know you are reasoning for self-will and the individual. Then you can make your choice as you choose, knowing what it is that you do. You need not feel guilty for your choice, because the Son of God is free to choose as he chooses to be.

The characteristics of the right-reason of the Holy Spirit are wholly different than the characteristics of the reason of the ego. If you take time to seek for why before acting or reacting to anything or anyone at anytime, you can know the reason that you follow, and you can know the will that you choose. The Holy Spirit is Love, but since Love is unfamiliar to you, this may not be the characteristic you can know and follow. Therefore, the characteristics of Love are these: peace; acceptance; joy; recognition or remembrance; and always, the purpose of One.

You will not find division within the purpose of the Holy Spirit. Right-reason will not come to you from a desire for defense; it will come from a willingness to trust. It will not come from fear, but from faith that the plan of Love is in action. It will see no division and seek not for guilt, but desire only the highest good for all. It will trust your worth and the Hands you are in. It will be willing to "let go and let God."

You will know when you follow the reason of the Holy Spirit, because the action you take will not fight for a desired outcome. It will be an action of now, in faith and trust, with all else given to God.

NTI Acts, Chapter 20

(v 1 - 6) After the loosening has occurred, you enter the second stage of the path. Many aspects of this stage are the same as the first, for there are still thoughts within the mind that need to be loosened. But because a great loosening has occurred, it is also time to begin letting go of the thoughts you do not want anymore.

(v 7 - 12) The Light is within you, and so you have nothing to fear as you begin the work of looking at your loosened thoughts and letting them go. A voice within you will tell you that to look at these thoughts is death, but to look at these thoughts is not death. Within your mind, there is a thick web of beliefs that seems to have been developed over time. I spoke to you of how these beliefs have come to be. Meaning, believed and judged, then reapplied as meaning, has created a world of illusion within the mind. It is through this illusion that you sleep! So to let go of the illusion is to be awakened.