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Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

In creating you, God gave everything to you. He extended Himself, which is all that He had, and He named this extension you. The you that He made was the same as I Am, so there was no difference between them. In being you, you also were being I Am. That is the truth of who you are and who you have always been. There is no difference between you and I Am, so that the statement of those words is completely meaningless within reality. They are only useful to us now, within the dream, while you perceive yourself to be different than you are.

You are the Son. I Am is the Father. You are the extension of I Am. In the extension, you are I Am also. And yet, there is a difference that cannot be called a difference at all. You are not the same as I Am, because you did not create you. I Am did. And that which He created is exactly as it is, and that is you exactly as you are.

NTI Acts, Chapter 18

(v 1 - 11) This is why I ask you to put your faith in Me. You have forgotten that you are you and that you are Me also. But I remember all that we are. I cannot forget. Give Me your trust, and I will lead you to the remembrance of you, and you are the remembrance of your Father.

(v 12 -17) Listen to Me and hear Me well, for all that I say to you now is of the utmost importance.

Everything that you think is true is not true to Me. And I know all that is true. Therefore, I am going to ask you to let go of that which you think is true and put your trust fully with Me.

This request that I make is a simple one, although it may seem difficult to you. I am asking that you trust Me when I say:

You do not know who you are, and so you do not know what you do.

To know the joy of who you are, you must know what it is that you do. In following Me instead of your own thinking, you will learn who you are and what you do. And then you will know the joy in doing it.

Abandon your own thinking, your reason and your rules. Trust in Me. I will lead you to see.

(v 18- 28) The way of God is clear, because it is the one way without division. This is the way that leads the one as if he is many, so that he may remember he is only one. Do not worry about the steps yon are asked to take or the way they may seem to others. To worry about such things is to believe in division Trust in your Holy Spirit and in His one Plan. Know that all things truly work together for God. Let them unfold as God would have them unfold. Know your place by knowing your Holy Spirit. You will be led according to your willingness to the place you are to be. In following your willingness to go there, you shall find the reward of your Self.

NTI Acts, Chapter 19

(v 1 -7)The path with Me will seem to come in stages. First, there is the search. This is a time of faith in the Holy Spirit. when one does not know how or where to find Him. He only asks that He come and help him. This stage is a very important stage, for this is the beginning of your willingness. This is also a time of great faith, for you may seem to have very little evidence that a Holy Spirit exists, and yet you continue to have faith that it does. I am grateful to you for entering this path with Me at this stage. Know that 1 am with you and guiding you, though you may not be aware of it yet. There are no accidents with Me or with you. All things work together for God.

(v 8 - 10) The beginning of your path may seem to be a time of study, reflection and questioning, but more is happening within your mind than that. You am beginning to let Me loosen thoughts you have held firmly to until now. It is important that these false beliefs he loosened, so you can take the next step to let them go. Therefore, do not be disheartened if this stage seems to take time. It is important to the whole.

You can help in this process by having faith in Me and the guidance that comes from within. Follow Internal prompts to read certain books or go to certain teachers, but do not feel you need to go to them all. Do not feel that they have an answer they can give to you. The answer is always within. But the books and teachers that seem to come before you can seem to help you, as you give willingness to let old thoughts be loosened within your mind. It is their role to help, and they are grateful to help, but do not expect more from them than they can give to you.