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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 16

(v 1 - 5) The world is a world of rules. I have already told you that you are not to place yourself under these rules, but instead give yourself to Me, under My authority. I will guide you according to the law of Love in order to lead you from the world to the realization of Love. As I lead you to follow this path with Me, I will guide you as to what is reasonable to do or not do within the dream. Trust Me to lead you as we navigate the laws and rules of your seeming world. Trust Me in all decisions and all judgments. Leave all things to Me. I will lead you truly.

(v 6 - 10) If you leave all things to Me, 1 will guide you in all things. You will not need to give thought or care to anything you are to do or not do. I will lead you to know what to do and what not to do. All that you are left to do is to willingly do as I ask and enjoy the freedom that is expressed through you.

(v 11 - 15) You will find, as you follow My guidance, that you are welcome in the Heart of God. For you have always been welcomed by God, only you did not know it because your eyes were closed to your worth. In following Me, your eyes shall be opened to your worth, and you shall realize that you are loved and welcomed. As you realize the welcome that God has given you, you shall give Him welcome, for Love cannot say no to a request for Love. So as you know your Father's "yes" to you, you shall also say "yes" and "welcome" to your Father.

(v 16 - 40) The welcome you see in your brothers and the welcome you see in God is the welcome you give to your brothers and the welcome you give to God. There is no difference in your brother and you, and there is no difference in your feelings for your brother and your feelings for God. You will find hatred in your brother, and you will find hatred in your feelings for him. This is because there is hatred in you for God. This is why you do not give Him full welcome unto yourself now. Hatred is born of fear, and fear is born of guilt, and guilt is the belief that you are unworthy of your Father's Love. Because you believe you are unworthy, you believe that He deems you unworthy too. And so you do not give welcome to your Father, because you do not expect Him to give welcome to you.

This is the prison you are in. It is a prison of belief and expectaştions born within the imagination of your mind, based upon what you imagine yourself to he. I have come to show you another way to see. I am willing to meet you within your prison and show you that you are free, even there. I am willing to walk with you to lead you from your prison, that you may learn you know your Father's Love. As you see the welcome He has given you within the prison that you placed yourself in, you shall see the welcome He gives you in all things that you imagine, given to you unconşditionally. Knowing your Father's welcome must set you free, for no longer can you pretend that you are not welcome. No longer can you hold onto your desire not to welcome Him. To know your Father's welcome is to be welcome, and to be welcome is to be free.

This is why I ask you to walk with Me. This is why I ask you to trust Me in all things. You do not know that you are free, and so you believe that you are in a prison. I see your freedom, because I know your Father's welcome. -Come with Me, and I will show your Father's welcome to you. And then, you will know it and rejoice, because you are free.

NTI Acts, Chapter 17

(v 1 - 9) You are not taking sides in your decision to walk with Me. To look with the ego is to see sides. It is to see these with this purpose and those with that, and it seems that you must choose the purpose you would support. To sec sides and to choose a side against another is to see division and to participate in division. You will not find Me there, for I do not stand within the perception of division. There is only one purpose, and so there can be only one side. Everyone is walking together in purpose with Me. By choosing with Me, you do not choose a side. You choose to see that there are no sides. And you choose to knowingly be one with Me in the only purpose that is within the world.

(v 10 - l5) The perspective of the Holy Spirit is different than the perspective of the ego, but this is not division, since one perspective is wholly true and the other is false. It is not that the Holy Spirit is right and the ego is wrong, for that would insinuate that the ego has a side that can be judged. It is that the Holy Spirit is perspective based on truth, the true interpretation of illusion, and the ego is only an imagined perspective with no basis in truth. What is imagined does not exist, and so it cannot be real. What the ego sees is imagination without understanding of reality. And yet, even within its imagination, it operates unknowingly within the laws of reality. Therefore, only one side is true and there is only one side. ALL things work together for God. This is the perspective of the Holy Spirit, and this is the perspective of truth.

(v 16 - 34) The perspective of God and of the Holy Spirit is this, spelled out to you here and now: You are the one Son of God. You have always been the one Son, and you shall always be God's only Son, for that is what you were created to be.