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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 14

(v 1 - 7) Your mind is split. We have spoken of this before. And this split will seem to persist after you have made the decision to follow this path with Me. Do not let the split distress you, but do not forget to be aware of it. You must notice when the part of your mind that is not with Me seeks to regain command and control by giving you ideas that seem appealing and useful to it. Remember that you are not it, and you have decided to walk with Me. Reminding yourself of what you truly want will always bring you back from any temptation that passes through your mind. Sticking firmly to what you truly want will keep you firmly on the path with Me.

(v 8 - 20) Many will come to you and see the Light in you. They will thirst for the Light and seek for it mightily. But they will be confused in that they will think the Light is you and apart from them. This is a confusion you must never share, even if they do not understand you as you explain it to them. Love them and help them, but do not join them in their worship of you. For only the ego would worship one over another. The Holy Spirit worships all things equally.

So love your brother and let him love you, but remember that the Holy Spirit is not the god of separate things and separate status. He is the messenger of one God in which you and your brother are one also.

(v 21 - 28) You are the vessel through which God works, just as you are the vessel through which the ego sees and works. The illusion of the world is an expression of freedom, but there is no better expression of freedom than that which recognizes all that is as God. You are the expression of freedom, and as the expression of freedom you are endowed with the choice to choose the illusion you choose to see. Choose with the ego, and you will be lost from the knowledge of your freedom. Choose with the Holy Spirit, and you will know freedom in all that you see.

NTI Acts, Chapter 15

(v 1 - 21) The way of the world is varied and chaotic. Even within his dreams, the Son of God cannot abide in chaos. And so laws were given to him, that he may govern himself until the time had come when he would accept inner-governance instead. When you have opened yourself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and given your willingness that you should be led by Him, it is also time to lay the laws and rules aside as laws and rules that govern you. Be not confused by this statement This does not mean that you are to be guided by chaos if you are to be acceptable to God. This means that you are to do what you have already set out to do. You are to be guided by the inner guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is not chaos, but Love.

The inner guidance of the Holy Spirit will guide you according to the law of Love, but it is not the law of Love that you have known until now. You have followed laws intended to protect you from chaos.

The law of Love knows not of protection or of chaos. It knows only of truth, and it leads each one from the belief in the possibility of chaos to the truth that chaos cannot be.

You do not know the laws of Love, and so you cannot judge what they may be. You cannot judge the laws that are given you to govern your behavior as you walk this path with Me. Therefore, I ask only one thing of you. Do not judge for yourself on what you are to do or what you are not to do, for you truly do not know. And what is right for one to do may be different from what is right for another, so you cannot judge your brother either. All that you can do is listen for My Word and trust that all that is given for you to do is right for you, and all that is given to your brother is also that which is right for him.

Follow your own guidance, and judge not the guidance given to another.

(v 22 - 35) The guidance of the Holy Spirit is welcomed by the Heart in joy and recognition, for the Heart knows the guidance that is right for it. Trust not your thinking-mind, which will consider and weigh and compare and judge against chaos and the desire to avoid all that may be painful. These are thoughts of fear. Thoughts of fear are only useful for bringing more fear to you.

Judge with the Heart by not judging, but by noticing its subtle non-judgment and joy. This is the way of knowing. This is the way of finding the path you are led to follow.

(v 36 - 41) The one who follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit will know his Self, because he will know his own Authority. He will not seek for the way that is beet for him; he will ask. He will not judge what he is to do or how he is to do it; he will know it when the time has come for him to know. He will not fight or argue with his brothers about how things are to be done; he will leave all things to the Holy Spirit, trusting in His way and in the Love that if his brothers.