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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Know that the Holy Spirit is yours and in you, and so it is within you. It is your own guide that leads you from the prison you have made to the freedom that you are. Seek no place else, except within. Seek within your own Heart for that which you want, and ask it to lead you to your place of freedom. Then go with it as it asks, doing as it commands, socking not for another way to be free. For it is your Holy Spirit that remembers freedom for you, and so it is your Holy Spirit that will load you to return to it there.

(v 20 - 25) The world is a frightening place, because the world is a place of tear. A place of tear must be frightening, and a place of tear must be a place of defense and attack. But defense and attack are not the answer to fear. Defense and attack are the reaction of four, born from tear, and extending tear within itself. Pear is never the answer to tear. Fear cast upon fear breeds death, which is the birth of fear.

Stop away from the cycle of fear. Choose to follow Me. I will lend you from your prison to the truth of your freedom and the awareness of your joy.

NTI Acts, Chapter 13

(v 1 - 3) When you have set aside your fear and your desire for the world, I will call you to follow a path with Me. I have said this will seem to be a unique path. I have said that the path will be given to you one stop at a time. And I have shown you that the path comes to you through your own willingness to walk the path with Mo, "So when your calling comes and seems to begin to load you in a direction that it unknown to you, rejoice and celebrate! Know that you are being led into the unknown through your own desire and willingness by your one Holy Spirit.

(v 4 - 12) The ego is still within the mind as you begin walking with Me, because the ancient desire to be your own will has not left you fully as yet. Expect challenges on the path with Me. Expect the desire for a separate and unique will to seek for command and control. Expect self-attack and fear. Be prepared for confusing thoughts and times of doubt. And then remember what you truly want, for what you truly want must be your guiding light because you are free. Remember your freedom and hold up your light. All shadows must step aside and let you pass. For nothing can be an obstacle to the desire and true Will of the Son of God.

(v 13 - 15) With true Will as your guiding light and trust as your torch, you shall be led to people and situations that are helpful. You may not at first know why you are led there, but as you wait in trust and patience, it shall be made clear.

(v 16 - 25) The way of God is always made clear in its own time according to the plan of the Holy Spirit. And the way of God is the way of your true desire, so it is the way of peace and of one Will.

(v 26 - 31) The way of God and the plan of the Holy Spirit is the way of unfolding that must be. For who can stop the Will of God when that Will is also the one Will of his true desire?

All men have accepted the Will of God, and so all men play their part in its unfolding. There are no obstacles to the truth, and the truth is that you are free and being led to the remembrance of your freedom. Every brother along your way is given, that you may remember your truth. ALL things work together for God, because that is the one true Will of all things.

(v 32 -41) Jesus was a symbol, and what he represented was your path to truth. For all that happened to Jesus will, in its own way, happen for you. All lessons that you have desired to learn shall be given you as you ask that they be given. This shall happen that you may learn that you are that which you have always been, and anything else that seemed to be was just a dream you asked to dream. All things are given you as you ask, since all things work together for God.

(v 42 - 48) Nothing at all is separate. Separateness is the illusion. Separate wills and separate desires are all illusion. Anything that seems separate and in conflict is illusion in illusion's form. For all things are one, and all things work together for God. There is no separate purpose; there only seems to be a separate way of understanding purpose, and even that is illusion.

(v 49 - 52) When you are looking at the world and seeing conflict, you are looking through the eyes of illusion. During this time, illusion has been chosen by you. But you are only looking at illusion, and you are not even looking at illusion as the illusion that it is. For all illusion is the expression of freedom, and conflict is not freedom. To see conflict is to see illusion through another layer of illusion, which you have chosen to experience. To see illusion as the expression of freedom is to see illusion as it truly is.

This is why the Holy Spirit celebrates His invitation to meet with you within your dreams. The Holy Spirit celebrates your truth, which is your freedom, and He is grateful for it.