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Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Opposites were made from a state of freedom so freedom may be expressed, because it is free. This is the expression of you. You are an expression of freedom. And the brothers you experience are an expression of freedom too. Since freedom is all that was given you, freedom is all that you are. But that expression has been used to make something different from that which it is. And so the expression of freedom made lack of freedom. And this is also the expression that you are.

You seem to be the lack of freedom when freedom is what you are, so the lack that you experience is an expression of the freedom that you are. But all of this you have forgotten, for you chose to forget it when you chose an experience different than the experience you know. The Holy Spirit is the memory of the experience you know, which is the truth of your freedom and the truth of you now. In your true desire to be only free, this truth has been accepted. So the purpose of freedom, which is the purpose of the Holy Spirit, is the only purpose now. Within you is true purpose. Within you is the Holy Spirit But to remember the true purpose that you chose to forget, you must follow your purpose back to where you are. This is the path of joining by letting go of false purposes, founded in the search for falseness, and returning to true purpose, which is the only purpose now.

(v 30 - 33) This brings us back to the story of your willingness. Since in truth you are the expression of pure freedom, nothing can be given you unless you are wholly willing to accept it. For if that were not true, you would not be free.

So continue the nursing of your willingness, that you may ask for in your freedom that which you truly desire, which is to remember the reality of the truth that you are free.

(v 34 - 48) The story of the world is the story of the expression of freedom. Within this story, one must also see the willingness that the expression know itself as free. And so freedom is available to you, because freedom is all there really is. Accept this truth and join with the Holy Spirit within you. He will guide you back through your willingness to the remembrance of the freedom that is you.

NTI Acts, Chapter 11

(v 1 - 18) The words of the Holy Spirit are final. They are the authority within the world. They are the only authority in a world that seems absent of Authority, and so it is this authority that is given.

The authority of the Holy Spirit is not a coercive authority, for no authority can be coerced upon the Son of God. The authority of the Holy Spirit is a welcome authority brought about within awareness upon invitation and with willingness. The one who knows his own authority knows his Self, and he welcomes it. The one who does not know his own authority makes one for himself and is confused by it. And so it is, the words of the Holy Spirit are final. They are the words of true authority and true welcome. When they are recognized, they are welcomed, and all illusory authority must give away.

(v 19 - 30) The authority of the Holy Spirit is a great joy that fills your heart and leads you to do "the work of the Lord." The work of the Lord is the work of the Holy Spirit, which means it does not come from you or any illusory authority. It comes directly from the authority of Spirit, and it is known in you by its joy and its authority.

The Holy Spirit is within you because you have accepted it there. It is waiting in peace for the time in which you will invite it to come forth and be authority through you. It is an authority you will follow and you will be, that you may lead by its Word and be within your awareness.

NTI Acts, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 19)The authority of the world is confusion and illusion, which is no authority at all. And yet, because you have made no authority and called it authority, you place yourself within a prison you have made. You are victim to your own invention, forgetting entirely that the invention is yours to choose or to unmake.

This is why you have the Holy Spirit. And this is why the Holy Spirit is kept within your mind. The Holy Spirit is the part of you that will not accept illusions as true. The Holy Spirit is the part of you that knows its freedom and will not surrender it. And so the Holy Spirit is the part of you that remains sane and focused in reality, while the other part of your mind chooses to experience delusion. That must mean that the Holy Spirit is the part of you that is also the road back unto your truth, when your fun with illusions has ended.

You are not in chains from which you cannot be freed by the Will of your own Holy Spirit. But your Spirit, loving you as your Self, also gives you permission to stay within your dreams until you are ready to get up and walk away from them. Your Holy Spirit waits for you to make the decision of yourself, and then it steps forward to show you that you are free. It leads you beyond the obstacles you thought were real to show you that they were not.

When you awaken to the truth and remembrance of reality, there shall be great rejoicing within Heaven. Not because you were lost, for you never were, but because you have found your Self again.