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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 32 - 35) The ways of the Holy Spirit are miraculous. They seem indiscriminate, and yet they work perfectly for healing. Hold onto your faith and trust in His way. Through trust, you shall know great joy and reward.

(v 36 - 43) The way of the Holy Spirit is the way of resurrection or awakening, for those who are sleeping are awakened by His touch. All who sleep, sleep in innocence. Their dreams are of no importance. And when they hear His call and awaken, the dreams are no more. This is the plan of the Holy Spirit. This is a plan in action in the world now. All that is happening is a part of His plan, because all that is happening can be used by His plan to awaken the sleeping Son of God. What happens in dreams does not matter. See it only as the plan of Love, as its only purpose and usefulness is that you may awaken from dreams of fear.

NTI Acts, Chapter 10

(v 1 - 8) The guidance of the Holy Spirit will come upon you when you do not expect it, if you are willing to receive it. Consistent willingness is helpful, since you do not know when or how your guidance will come. Your willingness is not an offering that must be made to God to place you in His favor, for you are in His favor through your birth and through your creation. But the offering you make of your willingness prepares you to hear the message that is already yours, for if you are not wholly willing to hear it, it cannot reach your ears by your own choice.

Practice your willingness in every way you know to practice it. When you are wholly willing to hear what God has to say, His calling will come to you.

(v 9 - 23) The guidance that God sends comes to you with one purpose. The purpose of this guidance is to lead you from the world of illusion back to God, where you belong. This is the only purpose of any guidance you seem to receive. Guidance from God can have no other purpose.

Within the world of illusion, you have made yourself into what you believe you are. This self is wholly illusion. It is not what you are. And yet, it is what you believe yourself to be.

Since God granted you freedom in the creation of your Self, you are free to believe that you are what you are not. But once you have recognized the desire to be again that which you are, you must be led from who you think you are to your truth. This guidance will come to you as what is always helpful for you based on where you stand, but this guidance may not always be what you expect it to be. For if God was to fulfill your expectations, which are based on who you think you are, He would be teaching you that you are what you are not. This is not a lesson that God will teach.

He will reach out to you through His Holy Spirit, which is His appointed Messenger sent to you within your dreams. This Messenger, knowing who you think you are, will meet you there in your dreams and talk to you as if you are the one you think you are. But this one comes to you for only one purpose and with only one goal. His purpose is to awaken you by leading you from where you think you are to the remembrance of what you must be. This is a holy purpose, and He comes to you in gratitude, grateful to meet you in your dreams and grateful to bring you Home. For there is nothing the Holy Spirit is not grateful for. He is grateful for all things, because He sees truly.

(v 24 - 26) Each of your brothers is one with you. Each of your brothers has the Voice of the Holy Spirit to lead him, just as you have the Voice to lead you. Listen to this Voice. It is within you. And let your brother listen to the Voice that is within him. There are no leaders and there are no followers. There is only one Voice leading each one from who he thinks he is to the truth of all that is true.

(v 27 - 29) Each of your brothers is one with you. And so each of your brothers has one purpose, and that is the purpose given him within the mind. There seems to be two purposes, when in truth there is only one. There was a purpose, an ancient one, that only lasted an instant. In the instant this purpose was made, another was placed beside it as its correction. And in the instant the correction was accepted, correction became the only purpose. Any other purpose that seems to be is a residual of a purpose that was for an instant and then passed.

Remember that I have told you there is no past. The past does not exist now. It is only a memory of something that was, but what was isn't now.

The Holy Spirit is the purpose of now. The purpose of now is the joining of that which seemed to be made separate by the purpose that was, but isn't anymore.

This is important for you to accept, so let's look at this so you may see. The purpose that was was the purpose that you could be separate from God in order to be different.

This is the purpose I explained to you before. This is the purpose that led you to believe that you had stolen yourself from God. In the beginning, which has no beginning at all, there was God. And God is all there is today. But the existence of God sought a freedom that was different than the freedom it had known. Of course, what freedom could be different from freedom? When freedom is free, as your freedom is, nothing can be different except the illusion of not being free.