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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 8

(v 1 - 3) Jesus asked you to rejoice when you are persecuted on account of him. This is what he meant by that:

I have told you that there is a battle raging within your mind. This is a one-sided battle in which you seem to fight against yourself, but you fight no one. Within you, there is a storm of rage and anger and hurt and fear and guilt, and it is the brewing of this storm that seems to be a battle. But it is not a battle. It is only a storm. And it is a storm with limited power built-up within itself. So when this storm plays itself out and is given no more power, it must die, and peace and light shall reign within you.

This is what Jesus meant when he said that you are to rejoice when you are persecuted on account of him:

As this storm rises within you, do not fear it. Fear gives power to the storm. Do not feel guilty for it. Guilt is the fodder of the storm itself. Instead, rejoice!, knowing that the storm cannot last, and that which comes after it is peace.

(v 4 - 8) Remember your purpose in all things. As the storm seems to rage within, there is also willingness. Cling to your willingness as a beacon of Light. Let its miracles protect you from the storm. Rest within its Light, and let its Light heal you.

(v 9 - 25) The process of learning seems to be a stepped process in which one man listens and learns, and then he teaches another so that he listens and learns too. This is how it seems to be. This is how it seems to be to you. But to the Holy Spirit, another thing is happening.

I have told you that there is one Son of God, and I have told you that the Holy Spirit has one plan for one Son of God. This is how the Holy Spirit sees. He sees one. And this is what the Holy Spirit knows. There is one mind in need of awakening. So this is how the Holy Spirit works, He works through you to awaken one mind unto itself.

When the Holy Spirit looks at the world, it does not see holy men and men of darkness. It does not see men at all. It does not see men who are right in what they do and men who are wrong. It does not see men at all.

It is the ego who separates men from one another and judges them. It is the ego who sees men of one purpose and men of another. The Holy Spirit sees only one purpose, and all things that seem to be of the world serve the one purpose He sees. So when you look at this story, see only one thing. See the spreading of Light within an awakening mind. And then you see with the Holy Spirit.

(v 26-40) When you see with the Holy Spirit, you also realize that you do not see. For you do not look on the world and see only one mind. You see men, and you are tempted to make judgments about them. This is why you must not listen to your own way of seeing. You do not see the truth. You must listen to the Holy Spirit and trust its way, for it does see the truth and the sharing of one Light within one mind.

Be willing, then, to lay your sight aside and to depend on His. Be willing to let Him lead you as to where you shall go, what you shall say and to whom. Trust in all that He asks you to do and do not judge as good or bad or right or wrong for yourself. Do only as He asks, leaving one place and going to another as He leads you to go.

NTI Acts, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 6) The calling must come to every mind in its time. This is the plan of Love. This is the spreading of Light. It is the Holy Spirit's Will that all shall come to know Him, and so it shall be. Each one will recognize his calling when it comes to him. Until then, you are to love your brother knowing that the calling will come, and he will be one in purpose with you.

(v 7 - 9) A period of rest is necessary for everyone who comes to answer the call. During this time, that one does not take in things of the world. He may seem to shelter himself or cut himself off from others, but the purpose of this separation is joining. For your brother is preparing to see differently by realizing he does not see.

This is a period of learning that all must go through. It is a period of looking at the thoughts that are in the mind and realizing they are thoughts in mind only. That which is thought in mind apart from God is thought without the power of eternity. And so, that which is thought apart from God may freely be let go when you have decided you want the thought no more.

(v 10- 19) All brothers work together in the Holy Spirit's one plan for healing, as the Holy Spirit does not see brothers, but only one. This is the one song that is under My direction. This is the song of Heaven as it is played on earth. It is the song of forgiveness, in which those who seemed to be separate come to be joined. This is the song in which you sing and your brother sings. Though you may not be able to hear the song as the Holy Spirit does, trust it as it is played. Answer to your call, and trust that your brother will answer his.

(v 20 - 22) One thing that you must know and always remember;

There is no past.

The Holy Spirit works to heal the Son of God now. Anything that seems to be of the past is nothing in His eyes. It has no meaning and no purpose whatsoever. Everything that has meaning and purpose to the Holy Spirit is now.

Open your eyes to the plan of the Holy Spirit. Open your eyes to the gift of the moment now.

(v 23 - 31) It has been said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. This is because the way of the Holy Spirit is not seen or known by the ego. If you look upon His plan with the eyes of division, you will not understand it. But if you welcome the thought that there is no division, you will see that His plan works perfectly. All things work together for God, for God is all that is, and all things seen through the eyes of the Holy Spirit are for Him and of Him.