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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 7

(v l - 8) To trust in Me is to give everything over to Me. To not trust in Me is to want to do things your way. And this you are free to do with My blessing. But to do things your way is to continue to stumble. To trust in Me is to learn and remember your joy.

I ask for trust, because I reveal things to you one step at a time. I reveal things to you one step at a time, because you have lessons to learn with each step. If I revealed the entire plan you would want to advance to the end, and you would miss the lessons that are necessary to getting there.

Relax and give Me your trust. Know that the end is joy. Anticipate the middle as a glorious adventure with joys and surprises of its own. The path can be easy if you give Me your trust quickly and fully each step of the way. It can seem difficult if you choose to fight Me. (Ha. Ha.) But know this. I am not fighting you, My child. I am holding you lovingly in My arms as you struggle with yourself. When you tire of struggling, I am there with you, ready to proceed.

(v 9 - l6) The path that you walk with Me will have steps that are necessary to your learning. You may not understand each step as it seems to come upon you, but do not let the steps confuse you. If you become lost in your confusion, trying to solve things on your own, you are not learning your lesson and you cannot advance on the path.

Although the form of each lesson may seem to change, the lesson is always the same:

 Let go of any fear that would guide you to take matters in your own hands.
 Lay aside the illusory will that you do not want.
 Trust in your worth and in Me, and ask for My Will.
 For in My Will, you will recognize your Will.

Through these lessons, the merging of what seems separate will occur into what clearly is, and has always been, one. Although you may wish that one lesson would suffice in order to accomplish the inevitable fully, it will probably take more, and it will most likely take many. This is because your mind is split and not fully ready to learn this lesson as yet. And so each lesson is a stepping stone to the final lesson, the lesson that will end all lessons. Enjoy your journey by realizing its purpose and by celebrating the progress that is made.

(v 17 - 43) During this time of learning, there will seem to be a battle in your mind. For when the battle has ended, the time for learning has ended too. The battle will seem to be a battle between two wills, a will that will at first seem to be yours and a Will that may seem unknown to you. At first, you may not even know what it is that you battle, but you know you are following your own thoughts and the result is confusion and discontent What you have not realized is that you battle joy by thinking in your own way, and by laying down your own way, you find that joy awaits you.

A long the path to joy, there comes a time that you seem no longer fully dedicated to your own way. This is because the desire for joy is calling you, and you begin to recognize your willingness to lay down your own will, which is also to lay down the battle.

You will have a time of seeking, asking questions, learning and letting things go. And then the answers will begin to be clear. This is a time of great celebration, for you have found your service, and you are willing to follow it. Yet learning has not been accomplished. For the mind remains split, and the mind that is split will continue to cling to its idols and fight for its own way.

(v 44 - 53) Be aware of the hatred and anger that is within you, but be not afraid of it. There is a resistance within your mind that will seem to fight your every move. But if you remember this, it will make your journey much easier for you:

This resistance within the mind that first comes up strong is actually weak. Any strength it seems to have is an ancient strength, given to it a long time ago. It can use its strength to seem ferocious in the short term, but it needs your strength to remain ferocious longer. So when you see it, remember not to give It your strength. Through your remembrance, Its ferociousness must die. And only peace will remain in Us wake. And then, the wake shall die too.

(v 54 - 60) Remember that all things are well in My Sight. I am the Holy Spirit, the overseer of all things. I see to it that all things are good, and so they are. In what seems to be your times of trial and tribulation, cling tightly to Me and do not let go. I will carry you through to your time of peace and celebration. From there, you shall be carried to your joy. This is a promise that I make, and it is a promise you need not fear. For it is the promise of your Holy Spirit, who's Will is the same as yours.