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Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

At this point, you may feel a temptation to pull away from My logic, but please do not pull away just yet. Let's examine why you want to pull away and look at that closely.

God is within you. This is a thought that you are tempted to reject.

The reason you want to reject this thought is because you believe that God is good, but you are guilty. Therefore, you determine that God cannot be in you, and you must be separate from God. If God Is Life, which you have accepted, and you are separate from God, then it must be that you are separate from Life. And that is death. That is why death seems to rule your world. It is because you believe that your guilt keeps you separate from God.

But con you not see that this is another loop of reasoning that does not make sense? For right now, you do live. Right now, us you sit reading this, you live. So right now, you cannot be separate from God. Right now, God is in you and you are in God. There is no separation. Right now, your oneness with God is complete, and there is nothing that is hidden or not in accordance with your oneness. Right now, everything is perfect, because everything is God.

(v 12 - 16) What is it that you must do? You must release your guilt. There is no reason to hide it, for there is no judge to hide it from. God is Life, and He has given His gift to you. And you are living it. No crime has been committed, because you live. It is only the belief that you have committed a crime that must be healed. This belief is healed by bringing your guilt into the Light and finding that you are not judged. Released into the Light, there is no guilt, for God has witnessed no crime.

(v 17 - 20) All things written within the New Testament are symbolic. All things written there are for your benefit and for your learning. Give Me your willingness, that you may truly learn what I have come to teach.

You are not guilty. You are a child of Light. I have come to set you free, that you may sing of your innocence before your brothers. For your innocence is their innocence also. And in your innocence, they will find theirs,

(v 21 - 24) When your brothers look for you within the prison they believe they have put you in, they will find that you are not there. "They will look into your eyes and find no accusation or judgment against them. In you, they will find their innocence. Through you, they too shall be set free.

(v 25 - 42) This is how you are to know your own innocence, for you must accept your innocence to accept your brothers', and you must accept their innocence to teach it to them. To know your own innocence, you must do this:

You must trust Me.

Even before your innocence is an experience that you realize, you must trust Me that it is so. For if you do not trust Me, you will not let your guilt come out from its hiding place so that I may show you it is false. If your guilt does not come out from hiding, you will continue to believe it, and you will remain in prison.

And so I am asking you to trust Me above the voice that says you are guilty. There are two voices you may listen to. I am asking that you listen to Me. If you listen to Me and step out into the Light, I will speak for you. Through what I say and what I show you, you will come to see that you are innocent.

So my first request is only this, and this is all that I ask you to do:

Trust in Me, Listen to My Voice, Let Me teach you that your innocence is your truth.

NTI Acts, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 7) Trust is the answer to the questions upon your faith. As you move forward with Me and do all that I ask, you will hear questions within your mind. The questions will come from your own temptation to judge for yourself, which is your desire to exercise your own will, which is the ego. But this is no reason to deny your questions. For the temptation to deny your questions also comes from the ego who tells you that you are guilty for questioning and that for your questions, you will be judged.

I tell you that you arc not guilty for anything, I will hear your questions and answer them. Bring them to Me in joy and trust, knowing they will be answered. The answer you are given will point you in the direction of all truth, which is Love. Do not fear Me. I am your answer. I will not judge you because you do not know. I will fill the gaps in your knowledge with all that you seek to know and have answered.

(v 8 - 15) Within your own mind, you will find conflict and attack upon yourself. - This is because your mind is split. You have decided to let yourself be healed, but a part of your mind is not yet willing for that to happen. Do not let this concern you. Do not let yourself get caught up with the battle within the mind. For any battle is a distraction from the Holy Spirit and from healing. Let the battle continue within your mind and without you. Watch it peacefully, knowing that a battle that is not given all of your power and faith cannot last, for only that to which you give your power is true and meaningful for you.