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Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Remember this story of Peter and John as a symbol to help you hold onto your willingness. Know that as they listened to pleas to lay down their purpose, there were doubts in their minds that seemed to echo the reasoning of the pleas. They were simple men, and they seemed to be taking on the history of the world with the new message that they taught. But know also that they did not listen to their doubts, their fears or their own sense of unworthiness. They trusted their message as the message of the Holy Spirit and the one Will of God. In following this trust, they gave themselves permission to do God's Will, which was their Heart's only true desire. Remember this symbol. You are worthy of God's Will for you. You are worthy of the Voice for God and all that it will share with you. When doubt enters your mind, born of unworthiness and guilt, lay it aside. It is the loop you do not want. It is the loop that hides the truth from you.

(v 23 - 31) I have also told you not to be confused by what you hear, see and experience within the world. Everything is applicable to the purpose the Holy Spirit has set forth. Everything can be used for the salvation of God's one Holy Son. When the form of what you see or hear or experience confuses you, remember to pray to Me. Remember that what you look upon confuses you only because you believe in separate wills. If you knew that there was only one Will, you could not be confused. Remember also that whenever you look at the world with the ego's upside-down reasoning, you cannot see clearly. Be willing to deny what you see, and trust that there must be another way to understand the situation you look upon.

Pray, then, in this way:

Oh Father, I come to you now in humility and gratitude. I am humble, because 1 realize that I do not know how to see. I cannot see the Holy Spirits plan, and so I do not know what I look upon. But I also come in gratitude, because I trust that the Holy Spirit does know, and the plan is safe with Him as the overseer of all things. Amen.

Then give yourself to your Father's Will, offering that you may be used for the purpose of healing, without the desire to judge. This is to lay yourself aside and to do your part in your Father's plan. This is God's Will for you. This is how you can be useful to the whole.

(v 32 - 37) To give of yourself is to give as you are asked to give without judgment. Whenever you notice guilt within your mind, you have judged, and so you are not listening with full desire to only be useful. You are also asking that you may decide what is right and what is wrong, which means that you are asking that you may exercise a will of your own.

Do not let this realization upset you. Indeed, you may laugh when you find it within yourself. It is nothing more than another ploy of the desire to hide your true desire from you. It is another loop that leads you nowhere. It is another opportunity to remind yourself that you do not know the plan, and therefore, you cannot judge.

Be happy. You are only asked to do what you are asked to do. If you do all that you are asked, you have done enough. There is nothing more to give, having given everything that you have been asked to give.

Give in joy, knowing it is your true Will to give. Let go of guilt, knowing it is just the illusion of an illusory will. For any will that seems separate from God's Will must be an illusion, for you do know that your true Will is always the same as His.

NTI Acts, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 11) This story is symbolic and is not to be taken literally. This story is a picture of the guilt that you have claimed and projected onto the world. This story has no meaning, except that it is untrue. And it is important that you see it as untrue for you also. An obstacle to hearing the Holy Spirit is your own sense of guilt and unworthiness. This story demonstrates just how guilty you believe you are. Notice that Ananias and his wife dropped dead from their guilt. Imagine the magnitude of the guilt that seemed to be within them. But what crime did this couple commit? They sold land that belonged to them and gave a portion of the money that they made to the apostles of their own free will. Could this be called a crime? Even within your work), this could not be called a crime. To give in this way is generosity,

So, what was their crime?

This story scorns to say that the crime this couple committed is the crime of not being honest with God; it is the crime of hiding something from God; it is the crime of keeping something for yourself. It is this we must look at, because it is this you think you hove done. It is this for which you feel guilty, and it is this guilt that seems to bring on your death. We will talk about this guilt slowly and carefully, that you may look at this belief deeply and with right-reason, so you may choose to release a belief that you do not need to keep.

First, we must discuss what God is. I have told you that God is Life, and that Life is eternal. Since you accept that God is eternal and God gives life, this may not be difficult for you to accept. So let's take this thought another step.

 God is Life,
 and you live,
 so Life must be within you,
 This means that God is within you also.