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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 10) Peter was a teacher who gave what he had, and what he gave came to him from the Holy Spirit. It was through giving it that Peter learned he had it to give, for he could not give it if it was not already his. The miracles that Peter witnessed, he witnessed for himself within his own mind. And these miracles were extended to others, that they too may begin to learn who they are. This is what made Peter a great teacher. He shared all that he had, recognizing that it was for all. And through this practice, Peter came to see that all were not separate, but they were one.

(v 11 - 26) The ego is the thought within the mind that separates. The ego says that what is true is not true, and what is not, is the truth. But the ego is not the truth, and so its words cannot be believed.

You experience the ego as a stream of thoughts within the mind that seem to interpret, counsel, identify, judge and spring forth as ideas. In themselves, these thoughts seem to be nothing to you, although you listen to them and act on all that they say. These thoughts rule your mind and your interpretation of the world, because you believe what they say. Yet, they are based on a foundation of separateness, which is not what is true. And so what is true is not in what they say.

To listen to these thoughts and believe them is ignorance, for you are listening to what is not true, but believing what you hear. Any action you take based on these thoughts is ignorant action, for it is action based on untruth in an unreal world.

Ignorance is not guilt. It is a call for knowledge. It is the Holy Spirit that leads you through corrected perception to the right-knowledge that you seek. Right-knowledge is true knowledge, and true knowledge is the knowledge of truth.

Do not worry about the mistakes you have made. They are based on ignorance, which is illusion and affects only that which is not reality. Be happy that you have been mistaken! Be joyous that there is another way to see! This is what it means to repent. To repent is to choose again. To repent is to decide to turn from the ways of ignorance and turn to the Voice of Knowledge. This is a joyous decision, for this is the decision that changes all things. This decision that you have made is a decision to listen to another Voice. It is the decision to let go of the thoughts you have listened to until now and to listen to another Voice, the one that comes from God. This decision is a decision to change the habits you have had until now. It is a decision to see yourself through new eyes, eyes that are based on a foundation of truth.

This is why I am here. I am here to help you make this change from believing in the false to listening to the Voice of what is true. This is the decision of your joy. This is your path. This is your way. And I will help you, until you do not need this help anymore.

NTI Acts, Chapter 4

(v l - 22) I have told you before that you will be tempted to deny your guidance. And I have told you where this temptation will come from. It is resistance born of a sense of unworthiness. I have also told you where this sense of unworthiness comes from. It is born of guilt, born of the belief that you have stolen yourself from God.

Here lies another contradiction that you must look at slowly and carefully:

You believe you have stolen yourself from God. That is to say, you believe you have made yourself separate from God's Will. You believe it is your choice to follow God's Will or your own, and you feel guilty for this choice, because you believe it is a sin to have made a will that is separate from God's.

Your guilt, born of the choice to have a separate will, leaves you feeling unworthy of God's Will. And so, out of your guilt and sense of unworthiness, you deny God's Will by not hearing it, or by hearing it, but by not believing you are deserving to follow it.

There are several things you must look at here. First, you do have the desire to know and follow God's Will. Hold that up as a beacon. That is your willingness. Let it guide you to your true Heart's desire.

Secondly, the feeling that seems to be an obstacle to knowing and following God's Will is the belief that you are unworthy of God's Will. This is like a crafty trick. It is a loop that keeps you trapped within an illusion of yourself.

You think you are guilty because you want to serve a will other than God's, and Your true desire is to serve God's Will, but your sense of unworthiness is an obstacle to that desire.

Do you see the loop in which you are snared? Can you see how your own belief in your guilt and unworthiness seems to lead you onto the path of increased guilt and additional unworthiness? This is why I have come, to help you look at the upside-down reasoning within the mind that keeps you feeling trapped. And also to help you see that you are not trapped, because you can lay down this reasoning that makes no sense. When you lay it down and put it aside, you are tree to know the reasoning of the Holy Spirit, which is right-reasoning and is joy.