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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Acts
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Acts, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 11) The power of all truth is within you. The story of Jesus is helpful to you as a guide, a tool, and a symbol, but the answer for you lies not in his story. If it had, he would have stayed on earth to provide the answer to you. But Jesus left your realm and returned to the Father, that you may be freed to find your answer within yourself.

The Holy Spirit, which seemed to be given to the apostles when Jesus ascended from the world, was not passed on to them at this time. Only God can give the gift of the Holy Spirit, and God has given this gift to everyone. The gift has always been in the world, even before Jesus. This gift has always guided you. But as long as you continue to look outside of yourself for answers and satisfaction, you are unaware of this gift. When Jesus ascended and promised the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he only pointed the apostles to seek where the Holy Spirit already was. In this way, they learned not to look outside for teaching and guidance, but to clearly look within.

This is My lesson to you. I am here to help for a time, but My purpose is to teach you to look and listen within. For always, your guidance must come from there, because always, the answer is there.

(v 12 - 26) The first step to listening within for the guidance of the Holy Spirit is prayer. But to hear Him truly, you must pray in a way that opens to Him. Prayer is not a time of asking for what you want. Prayer is a time of putting aside that which you want and opening to any guidance that He would give. Prayer is a time of gratitude for His love and wisdom. Prayer is a time of surrender because you seek nothing less than His love, wisdom and guidance for you. Therefore, pray in this way:

Father, I do not know what is best for me now, in this time and this place, that J may be led back to You. Because I cannot see the path I am ready to walk, take my hand and send me your Voice to guide me. I shall go where it asks me to go, and I shall do as it asks me to do in joy and peace and certainty.

The second step to listening for guidance is this:

You must trust.

You must not only trust the Voice and the guidance you receive; you must also trust yourself. For the guidance comes from you through your knowing that is beyond conscious choice. To doubt yourself is to doubt your guidance. So you must trust yourself and trust what comes.

NTI Acts, Chapter 2

(v 1 - l3) The Holy Spirit knows the way. The Holy Spirit sees the whole plan, not only your part in it. Therefore, you must trust all that the Holy Spirit asks you to do, even if what is asked does not seem to be for you. For the Holy Spirit does not look at the world and see separated sons of God, each in need of separate plans of salvation. The Holy Spirit sees one Son and one plan. And so, what He gives to you is not for you alone. To learn this is so, you must do as He asks and trust Him.

(v 14 - 21) The paths given may seem to be individualized and the experiences may seem personal, but I assure you that they are not. Everything that is given by the Holy Spirit is given for all and to all, as the Holy Spirit does not see separate parts, but only one. When you hear stories of your brother's and your sister's experience with the Holy Spirit, rejoice and know that experience was also given for you. In this way, you demonstrate trust. Through the demonstration of trust, trust shall grow within you, that you may hear and see more.

(v 22 - 35) There will be symbols and there will be symbols of symbols, but always it is true that only the truth is true. Therefore, do not be caught up in your symbols. Do not identify with them, fight for them or argue with your brother about the symbols you choose to love. In this way, the symbol becomes but another idol that blinds you to the truth. Remember that Jesus left the earth so you would not make an idol of him, but that you would learn from him the way of truth.

(v 36) Therefore, know and remember this, because this is what Jesus taught:

There is no death, and the answer that you seek is already here within you.

(v 37 - 41) Peter was a teacher, but when he spoke, the Holy Spirit spoke through him. And when the people listened, the Holy Spirit listened for them, pointing to the words they were to hear. Do not be confused by all that you see and hear and experience within the world. It does not need to take a specific form to be used by the Holy Spirit for your teaching and your guidance. Since He is the overseer of all things, all things can be used by Him for your benefit.

I will teach you how to listen to Him in all situations and at all times. Listen to Me, and be glad!

(v 42 - 47) Your joy shall increase as you listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, for He shall lead you to see no value where there is none and to know the love that is already within your Heart. This love, which is the source of all joy, is not a special love that includes some, but not all. It is an encompassing love, from which joy comes bursting forth from your Heart into the world that you see.