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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 28 - 40) Confusion is common as you begin to listen and accept My Voice. This is because of the voice you listened to before. It still seems to have a great hold on you, and you put faith in all that it has taught you. But now you hear another Voice too, and it also seems to make sense, although all that it says is different from anything you heard before. You stand before two voices, both witnessing to you and both claiming to be the voice of truth. Each voice has something to say, but what they say is different. And you must make a choice. The power of decision is within your hands. Which voice will you believe? Which voice will you choose? Which voice will you listen to? The voices are completely different. You cannot listen to both. You must make a decision. The decision you make is your choice.

NTI John, Chapter 19

(v 1 - 16) The ego is a tricky voice. If you believe that you have not made a decision, and you also believe that listening to your own reason will lead you to make a reasonable decision that is wise and in your best interest, you choose to let the ego speak for you. In this choice, you have made a decision. For in deciding that you could judge, you decided that you were separate from that which you judge. In that choice, you made the decision that in your belief, we cannot be one.

(v 17 - 27) But the choice that you seem to make when you choose to listen to the ego is not a choice, except that you choose to continue dreaming. For though the dream may seem to continue, and that continuation may seem to be your truth, it is not. There is One who is with you, observing all that you seem to see, but seeing with His eyes differently. For this One knows that dreams cannot be true and fear cannot be your reality. And so He waits with you, gently seeing what you see without accepting your nightmares, that He may share His Vision when you decide that you are ready to see.

(v 28 - 37) You will believe that which you see, and you will seem to suffer for it. Your heart will be broken many times, but in this there is no loss. There is no loss, because the One that is with you is with you still, and He knows that your suffering is merely an experience of your choice. It has no reality to it and affects not your eternal truth. This is why the body of Jesus seemed to bleed forth blood and water. It is because there was no truth in his body, and so there was no truth in his death.

(v 38 - 42) Death is an illusion. And this is all that you need know. For if death is not real, your world cannot be real, for your world is based on the law of death. Let go of your acceptance of death. Do not see it as your truth. For if death is not your truth, something else must be. And that something else is Me.

NTI John, Chapter 20

(v 1 - 9) When the Light begins to dawn within the mind, you will recognize it. And yet, you will not understand it or accept it completely at first, and so you may also fear it. This is only the reaction of a mind long blinded by darkness when it first encounters the reality of Light. Let this fear not upset you. It is natural in the transition. But because you have seen a glimmer of the Light, it will call to you, and you will follow it through your fear. For somehow you know that in the Light lies the absence of fear and all that you have ever sought.

(v 10 - 18) As you listen for the Light, the Light will grow brighter In your sight It will speak to you and touch you so that you know it is the Light's intention to reach you. You may sense that the Light comes from someplace else, outside of you, but you will not be mistaken regarding the love of the Light, which is undoubtedly for you.

(v 19 - 23) Next, a merging will seem to occur. You will continue to sense the Light as if it comes from a source that is separate from you, but you will begin to notice the Light within you also. It will move you and work through you, and you will begin to feel excited about following its guidance.

(v 24 - 31) During this time, miracles will move you, and you will notice that you have begun to change. Times of doubt will visit also. But if you open to Me, even within your moments of doubt, the miracles that you experience will convince you that your faith is well placed, and you will continue to follow the guidance of the Light.

NTI John, Chapter 21

(v 1 - 14) When you are ready to listen to Me and trust Me fully in all matters and all things, the time will come that you will experience that which you did not expect. This will be a time of celebration, for your eyes will be opened, and you will be fully immersed within the Spirit. The Light shall be one with you and you shall be one with the Light. And you will not ask, "How is it that this happened?" For you will know it is your truth, and you are now seeing it, because it is so.

(v 15 - 25) When you have given yourself fully to the Spirit, the Spirit shall be fully within you. This is not a change at all. For this is as it has always been, but in your sleep, you do not know. So the realization of your truth is but an awakening from a sleep in which you thought one thing was true when it was not. In your awakening, you will not be tested. For all that I give, I give freely for you to accept. But you may seem to be tested before you have awakened fully. Know these tests do not come from Me. It is the ego tempting you to hold onto the world. Let these temptations go, and follow Me. I will give you something to do that is a mission of Heaven and great joy within the world. This will be your path to awakening, each path unique, and yet each path the same, because each path serves the purpose of leaving the world of illusion for the truth of which we are.

The Light is in all men, and all men are the Light. All men shall be known by their Light, because the Light is their truth, and all men know their truth and will follow it. Amen.