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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI John, Chapter 17

(v 1 - 5) The symbol is not truth, but what the symbol points to is truth. The symbol very clearly points to this: Life is eternal, and there is no death. Death is only fear, but fear is not real. Life is Love, and Love is all that is. You cannot know death, because you are Life. But you may choose the image of fear and think you know death. No image of fear can last, because it is only an image, and That Which Is must shine above all false images. But you may choose death as an experience while you live, and you may also choose not to choose an experience that isn't real. To choose the truth is to glorify the Father who is truth. To glorify the Father is to glorify the Son, who is one with Him in truth.

(v 6 - 19) The Light blesses the Son of God, for all that the Light does see and does know is God and is of God. That is all there is to see, so that is all that the Light does see. But the Light also understands that the sleeping Son of God, who experiences a world within a dream, knows not that he is dreaming. The Light is not concerned with the dream, as the dream is not of the Light, but the Light is aware of a belief in the dream. And so the Light reaches within the dream and talks within the dream, that the sleeping Son of God may awaken to see it was only a dream.

You, who are reading these words, are the sleeping Son of God. You are sleeping, because you believe in the world. And you are the Son of God, because you are the extension of the Light that is God.

All men are of the Light, so all men must be of God. Therefore, all men are the Son of God, only they do not know it yet.

You, who are reading these words, are opening to the acceptance of these words. That is why you are reading them. You are ready.

Many aspects of the Light are not ready to see they are the Light. This is not a problem, because they are the Light anyway. But you, who are reading these words, are ready to know the Light that you are.

And so I shall lead you, but I shall lead you from within. Focus within, where the Word of your Father is. Focus within, that you may know and remember His Name.

(v 20 - 26) O holy one, there is only cause for joy. For all that you are is all that you are, and you are blessed and beloved as is everyone. May peace dawn upon you as you realize the truth of My words. May peace light up your mind as you see the joy that is your brother's and your sister's. May peace be all there is within experience as you accept the truth as all that could be true.

To accept the truth as all that could be true is to accept the false as false. This is to let go of condemnation, for all that you accept is peace and joy and Life. And all that is not of those things, you know is not of God, and so it cannot be real.

NTI John, Chapter 18

(v 1 - 11) What it IS that you seek? If it peace and joy and the knowing that brings comfort? I am He. I am that which you fleck 'But what is most important for you to realize and accept is this:

I am you. I am that which you seek, and I am you.

Do not pull away from this idea. Do not try to change it by making it acceptable to you. Accept this idea as it is presented, fully and without question, and you accept Heaven as your reality. I am He. I am peace and joy and total comfort, absent only from that which is comfortless, because 1 cannot be contained by illusions. And you are Me, fully and without separation or difference. You are peace and joy and total comfort, separate only from your illusions, and one with everything else.

(v 12 -14) Listen not to the ego, which tells you that we are somehow different. Listen not to the voice that recommends you judge what I say for yourself. To judge what I say, or even to consider the act of judgment, is to separate Me off from you within your imagination. Lay down your Imagination. Accept all that I say without question or judgment and you accept the truth of our reality, which is and always shall be one.

(v 15 - 18) Notice the denial within your mind. It is there. It if that piece of doubt that says you could be you and I could be Me, separate from you. This piece of doubt, housed within denial, believes it is your safety to keep yourself from Me. But doubt and denial of that which is true serves no purpose except to keep you afraid of darkened nightmares. Release your doubt and denial. Accept Me as I Am.

(v 19 - 24) Doubt and denial will seem fierce at times, but it is nothing to fear or be afraid of. Acknowledge that which you see as an attack that you have attempted on truth. Acknowledge also that that which is truth cannot be attacked. All attack is only imagined doubt and denial. And then release the thought that would attempt to hide the truth from you. Stand in peace, silent and willing.

(v 25 - 27) Do not be afraid that you are afraid, and do not feel guilty for it. ALL that you have imagined has not affected truth, and so you could have done nothing wrong. Let your fear come up and look at it, but do not be afraid of it. Be steadfast in the desire of your Heart, and it will carry you through to the dawning of the day.