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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 31 - 38) Accept the Light by accepting one Will, and you accept the one Will of the Light. And with that you accept all things. For all things are of one Will. For there is only one Will in reality. The Will of all things is Love, and Love is the Will under which all things operate. For where there is not Love, there is nothing, as Love is all there is.

Why do you not see Love if Love is all there is? It is your fear that hides the truth from you.

What do you fear that you should hide your face from Love? You fear one Will. And knowing that one Will must be Love, you also fear Love.

This is why you choose conflict: It is not Love. And you fear Love, because you fear one Will, and you know that one Will, without conflict, must be Love.

NTI John, Chapter 14

(v 1 - 4) Know that you seek Love, for you do know this! Lay down the will that leads you to seek not for what you want. Trust in God, which is to trust the guidance of one Will. Do not fear that which you want, for fear only serves to keep you from You, since You are that which you seek.

"My Father's house has many rooms" means we are all one. Come with Me to the house that is our Home. It is the realization of our oneness through the acceptance of our one combined Will.

(v 5 -14) One Will is one Will without an element of separateness. "I am within my Father and my Father is within me," means there is no difference between us and no part of us that is not the same. "I am the way and the truth and the life," means all reality is within me, and I am in all reality.

(v 15 - 31) What I Am, you are also. I am within the Father, and the Father is within me. I am within you, and you are within me. You are within the Father, and the Father is within you. There is no difference among us. We are complete and the same. Reality is within us, and we are reality. Within you, there is a Voice that speaks of truth. This Voice is the Comforter, because it speaks of what you are. You are comforted by this Voice, because you recognize the truth that it speaks. And you desire to know that truth again.

This is the call of your Heart: To know Itself within its reality, and to let go of what it is not, that it may know only That Which it Is.

Any belief in separateness is a denial of the truth, but a denial of the truth does not change the truth of which you are. I am always with you, because I cannot be separate from you, and you cannot be separate from Me. Where you go, I go, and so I am there also. I am in all that you see, waiting only for your decision to see Me, that you may know My joy for knowing that 1 am you.

NTI John, Chapter 15

(v 1 -17) You are not separate, and so you can do nothing alone. All that you do, you do of Me. And all that you do not do of Me, you have not done.

(v 18 - 27) Therefore, do not fear. For you cannot make a mistake if a mistake must be an action taken apart from Me. And yet no action can be separate from Me, as there can be no "separate." Any thing that is not of Me does not exist. And so anything that is not of Me, isn't. is nothing to be concerned about, because it is nothing. Be not concerned over nothing. For this is a distraction from your joy. Instead, look only to Me and you look only to reality, which is joy, because reality knows not of separateness and so it knows not of nothing. That which knows not of nothing must be Everything. And it is that which I Am and you are also.

NTI John, Chapter 16

(v 1 - 4) One Will is within you, so that the one you serve is your Self. This is your purpose, to serve your Self fully. This is the purpose for which you were created, and so it is this that will bring you the greatest of joy.

But within you also, there is a great resistance to your one true joy. For this part of your mind does not know your joy, and it does not know you. It will tell you that you are what you are not. It will insist that following the path of truth is to follow the path of falsity and that in following the path of falsity, you will surely die. Listen not to the voice that does not know you. Heed not its warnings, for the Light is in you and you are the Light. Darkness cannot be your way. Remain focused on the Light, and you remain focused on your truth. Stay with the Light, and you stand firmly on the path of joy and truth.

(v 5 - 16) The path of Light is found within. Always, it is Within that guides you. Seek not to find your path without, for to seek without is to deny who you are. Seek within, for because of who you are the answer must lie there.

(v 17 - 33) Jesus has been given as a symbol of your truth, and all that Jesus speaks, he speaks of Me. For Jesus and I are one, just as you and I are one. Look at your brother Jesus, and know that the Light that is him is you also. When Jesus said that he had overcome the world, he meant that he had transcended the world in love. To transcend the world in love is to open to the realization that all that is not Love is not in reality. This is to know the truth of all men, and to know the truth of all men is to know and see the Light. To know and see the Light is to also know that the world cannot be, for that which is not Light cannot be when Light is all there is.

This was Jesus' joy, and this shall be your joy also! How could Jesus deny a death when "death" is defined as leaving a world that does not exist? To leave a world that is not real is not to die. It is to wake up from a dream that you thought was real, but was not.

The resurrection is an awakening. It is to awaken to the reality of the Father and your oneness with Him. It is to know the truth and joy that you call Heaven. It is not a change at all, but only an awareness that seems to be change, because all that you are aware of now is not true, and all that you are aware of in truth is only True. This seems to be a change when it is not, because only the truth is true, and all that could ever be true is truth.