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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI John, Chapter 8

(v 1 - 10) The mind has made laws, and it asks you to follow them. These laws give you your identity, because these laws tell you who you are in relation to them. But who are you without the laws of man? If the laws were different, would you be different because of a different relationship to them? Can you truly be defined by laws or by a relationship to the law? And if you are not defined by your relationship to the law, why do you hold onto it so fiercely? 'What is it you believe you arc holding onto?

(v 12 - 30) One is who he is, only he does not know it if he insists on being defined according to the laws of the world. The Light is the truth of everything, and the Light is not bound by the world, because the Light is not of the world. The Light is beyond the world. You must lift your sight beyond the world to know the Light. As long as you welcome the laws of the world as the basis of your identity, you deny that your truth is not of the world. To deny mat your truth is not of the world is not to accept and welcome the Light. You place a limit on what you will accept, and so the unlimited cannot be accepted. If limits are what you choose, limits are what you receive. You are given that for which you ask. Does that not tell you that you must be beyond limits?

(v 31 - 41) In the Light there is freedom, because the Light is freedom. Without the acceptance of the Light, you cannot know freedom. You may believe you are free, but you are deceived. You are not free because you cannot see clearly. You are a slave to that which you see and a slave to mat which you experience.

(v 42 - 47) You see and experience what you ask to see and experience. This can never not be true. You are not the victim of your world. Your world, as you experience it, is the world of your design.

(v 48 - 59) Your mind is like a trap in that it limits you based on the beliefs you hold onto. Whatever you believe, you experience, and whatever you refuse to believe, you do not allow into your experience. In this way, your mind is the filter of all that you experience. The Light is, and the Light always has been. Before man, there was the Light. Before belief, there was the Light. Within eternity, there is the Light. The Light is, but if your mind will not accept it and welcome it, That Which Is does not seem is within your experience. You experience that which you ask. Does that not tell you that you are beyond your experience?

NTI John, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 12) Open to your Heart. Let the Voice within the Heart lead ahead of the mind. When the mind disputes the Heart, let the mind rest. Answer the mind thusly, "I do not know what I do not know, and so I cannot answer your questions. I only know what I have been led to know, and because I choose to know it, I can see!"

(v 13 - 34) When one's eyes are opened by the guidance of his Heart, he becomes witness to that which he has welcomed. Through him, others shall see what he has seen. Whether they accept or not accept it into the filter of their mind is their choice based on their willingness. But they shall see what is witnessed to them, and what they see shall be saved in their Heart until they are ready to acknowledge it. In this way, all men welcome the Light together. Whenever one gives welcome and accepts its message, all give welcome with him. But if some are not willing to see what they have welcomed beyond the trap of their mind, their Heart welcomes it for them and saves it there. So that which is welcomed is not lost.

(v 35 - 41 )Pass no judgment on what you see. For when you pass judgment, you pass what you see through the filter you have made within the mind. Viewed through this filter, the thing you see will be distorted. It will not be the thing that it is. It will be that which you have asked to see and which you have designed to see through the web of filters you have made. To see clearly and to see all things as they truly are, bypass the mind. Look with the Heart. The light that shines from the Heart seeks not for explanation or proof or sense or control. It says only this, "Show me that I may believe." And it accepts what it is shown without questioning it, because it is its Will to welcome the Light. It is its will that the Light be welcomed fully.

NTI John, Chapter 10

(v l 21) I Am the way, and the thoughts that came before were not. You spent many years listening to the thoughts that came before Me, and they have given you nothing. I Am the way, because I Am the Light, and the Light is the way to Life. Open to Me. Listen to Me. Tune out all other voices by letting go of all other thoughts. The time has come to listen only unto the Light.

(v 22 - 42) How is it that I Am known? I Am the Light, and so I carry with Me the characteristics of the Light and only the characteristics of the Light. You will not find fear in Me. You will find only Love. You will not find attack and war; you will find only peace. You will not find guilt or accusation; you will find only sweet forgiveness that sees that which is meaningless as meaningless and asks it to take on no meaning. You can trust My Voice, because you recognize it as yours, and you know it is yours. I Am the Light, the Light of which you are. We are one and the same, and you are Me. And so you know Me, and you recognize your desire to remember Me as all that you are.

NTI John, Chapter 11

(v 1 - 16) Trust in this Voice that you know is you and that you recognize as the Light, as your Light. There is no reason not to trust the Light, for in the Light you can see and you will know freedom. Step into the Light fully without fear of death, and see how clearly your path is lit. See how well you know your way. See how happy you are to know that which the Light has shown you!

(v 17 - 37) Have faith in the Voice that comes from within, the one that seems to come from far away and does not seem to always be there. For this Voice is with you always and only seems distant when you fear your death. It is your fear that blocks your awareness of the Light, and yet it is the Light that blocks out death. For death cannot be within the Light, because the Light cannot die.

(v 38 - 44) The resurrection is within you, because the Light is within you and the Light is the resurrection. To know the Light and to know the resurrection which is, you must put aside the voices of death. Put aside your grave clothes and look at them no longer. You live! Listen to the Voice of Life!

(v 45 - 57) The Light must not hide and the Light cannot hide. When you have come to see that the Light is in all things, you will also see that the Light has not been hidden. You just did not see it there, but it has never been hidden.

So why is it that you cannot see the Light if the Light is everywhere, even now shining brightly for you to see? It is because you have focused your eyes on something else, a fog and a shadow. It is the fog and the shadow that you insist must hold all truth. And so it is the fog and the shadow that you focus on and try to protect.

NTI John, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 11) When you place your focus with the fog and the shadow, you do not see the Light that shines within the fog and beyond the shadow. You see that which you have chosen to see, and yet you miss that which is there. The fog and the shadow of which you choose to see is a fog and a shadow placed before your eyes by the wish within your mind. And so the fog and the shadow are but a misty reflection of a wish. When the wish is no longer desired, the fog and the shadow must fade away.

Each one may choose to see his fog and his shadow, but his fog and his shadow are but a mistaken gift he has given to himself. It is given to no one else. It is his alone. And so if the fog and shadow as they seem to exist, exist only for him, the fog and the shadow cannot be truth. For truth must be true for all. The fog and the shadow that you have chosen to see is your fog and shadow, which you may keep. But as you choose to keep it, you choose to keep a wish and you choose not to welcome the Light that is before you now.

(v 12 - 19) The triumphal entry is a time that must come to your mind. This is the entry, the triumphal entry, of the realization of all that is true upon your mind. This moment is a moment of triumphal entry, glorious beyond any moment you seem to know now! But this moment is also the humblest of moments, which is why it is represented by the image of a king riding on the back of the colt of a donkey. For in this moment, this moment of triumphal entry, you must place aside every concept of meaning that you ever thought you knew to be true, and you must be open to all that you never imagined. For all that you imagined is not true, and the truth is all that was never imagined.