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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI John, Chapter 5

(v l - 9) Do you want to be healed? Do you want to welcome the Light as your Self and as your only truth? When you say "yes" to this question without hesitation or exception for anything you seem to see or know or experience, you will be healed, and you will know the Light fully. Nothing can keep this knowledge from you, because this knowledge is what you are. All that can keep the knowledge of your truth from you is your desire not to know it of yourself. To know your truth of yourself, you must also welcome your truth unto all that you see and think and know and believe. You cannot keep the truth from anything and know the completeness of the Light The Light must be welcomed fully, because the Light is everything! Or you are not welcoming the Light, and you are choosing to keep it hidden. ALL that you see and experience is of your choice, so you know what you are choosing by that which you see and experience.

(v 9 - 15) The Light that is within man is not the man as he thinks. It is thinking that hides the Light from man. As you choose to think, you choose to not choose the Light. Thinking is to choose fantasy, for choosing to think is to choose to believe that the truth is something other than the Light of which it is. To think is to choose to believe that you can choose to make the truth apart from what it is. And this is to believe that you can welcome something else and make it the truth for you. To welcome something else and call it truth is not to welcome the Light and know its truth. It is to welcome fantasy in its place, and this must mean that you do not welcome truth.

The Light shines for you when you welcome that the Light must shine, because it is truth. When you are prepared to see only all that is truth, truth is all you shall see, because it is all that there is.

Can you not see that not to see it must be your choice, or it could not be hidden from you?

(v 16 - 30) The Son of God is tree, because the Father made Him freedom. The Light is free, because the Light is freedom. And then it must be that man is free, because man is within the Light and the Light is within man. The Light is the Son of God, and the Light is freedom. If man is to know freedom, man must welcome the Light. To deny the Light is to deny freedom. And yet, because denial is your choice, you believe that to deny freedom is freedom. In this decision, you illustrate the height of your own confusion! Freedom is the gift of God. Freedom is the gift of the Father extended to the Son in His creation of Him. Freedom lies within the Light. To know the freedom that is yours, you must choose to accept it by welcoming the Light. This is the only way to know that which already is.

(v 31 - 47) The Light is within you. The Light is with Jesus. Your brother is the Light. To trust in your brother is to trust in the Light. To doubt him is to doubt Jesus. This is what you must learn. The Light cannot be seen in one form and not within another, because to know the Light is to see the Light in all things, because the Light is all things. If you do not see the Light in all things, you are missing the Light within yourself. Have faith in Jesus and look within yourself for the Light. He saw it there, and so it is there you must find it also. Have faith in your Father and look to your brother for the Light. It was your Father that placed it there with him, and so it is there, within your brother where it must be.

NTI John, Chapter 6

(v 1 - l5) The Light testifies to Itself, because it does shine. You need do nothing to let the Light testify for you and about you, for this it does because it is you. Have faith in the Light that dwells within, knowing also that it dwells in all things and with all men. Since the Light is in all things and with all men, all things and all men must be one in communication, because the Light is one within Itself. Therefore, you need not tell people where to go or what to do, that they may receive the Light and know the Light, for the Light is with them already! It is you who must open your heart and welcome the Light that is present. And then you will see it is present with all, and it has already been present.

(v 16 - 24) The miracle of the Light is not a miracle at all. It only seems to be a miracle to you, because you do not know the Light and you do not have faith in the Light's presence. The Light is God, and the Light is with you, so all that is possible with God is possible with you. Only your lack of faith tells you it is not so. You go out in search of the Light when the Light is with you and the Light is you. How will you find the Light when you do not know where to look? How can you know the Light when you do not have faith in yourself?

(v 25 - 59) The Light is Life, and so the Light is the bread of Life. It is acceptance of the Light that opens ones eyes to Life so that he may not see death, but so he may see only Life. Only Life is. Death is not, and so it is nothing to look upon. Do not look at death. Do not look at your brother and see only his death, for if you see only his death, you do not see his Life. And it is his Life that lives! It is his Life that is real, because it is his Life that is the Light that is with all things. That which you choose is that which you see. If you look at your brother and see death, you have chosen death. If you look at your brother and see Life, you have known Life. No one knows his brother unless he knows Life. And no one knows Life unless he knows his brother. For your brother and Life are one. To know one, you must see one. And to see one, you must choose that there is one by accepting the Light that is the one you are.

(v 60 - 71) It is faithlessness that makes this teaching hard for you to accept. You do not have faith in your brother and you do not have faith in yourself, because you do not have faith in the Light. To have faith in the Light is to have faith in God, and that is to have faith in all things and in all persons, because God is all things and all persons. Without God, there are no things and no persons, and without that which is God, there can be nothing. To see anything at all is to see God. To have faith in anything at all is to have faith in everything you see. For without faith in all things, you are faithless, because all things are God and you are all things.

NTI John, Chapter 7

(v l -13) The guidance of the Light is known from within. One must learn to trust himself to know his guidance. And one must learn to trust his brother to trust himself. For one cannot trust himself and distrust his brother. To trust oneself and distrust one's brother is not to trust fully. And not to trust fully is not to trust at all. Do not tell your brother what he should do. Let him know for himself what he should do, and let him do it. In this way, you demonstrate for yourself that the Light can be trusted, and you open within yourself the opportunity to know and trust the Light.

(v 14 - 24) To trust the guidance from within is to listen with openness and without judgment. When you judge the guidance that you hear, you demonstrate an unwillingness to listen. This unwillingness comes from fear. For you fear that to trust guidance without judging it is to lose all sense of your self and of your world. In this, you are not incorrect. It is only the fear that misleads you. For to lose the sense of your self as you see yourself now, and to lose your sense of the world as you see the world now, is to lose your sense of what is false and to gain the realization of what is true. If you hold onto your fear out of a sense of sell-protection. you hold onto your unwillingness to embrace the Light. You must embrace the Light to share it. You must be the Light for the Light to shine through you.

(v 25 - 44) Confusion comes from the mind that trios to think. This mind tries to reason and make sense of what cannot make sense, But this mind craves "sense" over chaos, because sense gives this mind a sense of order, and where there is order, there can be control. And where more is control, one can find identity.

(v 45 - 53) It is the Heart that knows Identity. The Heart is beyond reason, because the Heart is willing to accept what the mind cannot accept Follow the light that shines within the Heart. Ask the mind to rest its questions and seek not for answers. The Heart will lead you to the Identity you seek.